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Get Your Business On The Profit Show.

Updated on December 5, 2014

Want to get on the profit?

Here is your chance.



Fill the form on this page to join the casting for the show.

Good luck to all.


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  1. The Auto Exchange is a Family owned and operated small business in Upstate NY We have a
    Rent A Wreck and Priceless Car Rental Franchise A towing company and a small Buy Here Pay Here car Dealership when the recession hit we got by by using up all of our credit most people tell us we were lucky to survive but we did and now we are up to our arms in debt running our buis on a week to week basis I want to just walk away but my wife has put her heart into this and it would kill her if I did that. I owned the buis before we were married) I would like to get back to the why it was for her she deserves it even thought we fight about this buis all the time

  2. what I would like to know is does mr. lemonis only help people who are still in business but about to have to close for whatever reason ? or can he help somebody new open a business that the previous owners had to close for what ever reason ? there is a restaurant business here in Kansas that I wanted to buy from the previous owners that closed on 8/15/2013 and reopen with me being the new owner but I don’t have the money to do that so I was trying to find out if he helped people like me who wanted to do something like that or not ? thank you for your attention to this matter and have a nice day Sincerely Robert Francis

    1. Hello Robert,

      I believe the show feature people who already have a business with a track record. Anything is possible however. So please fill the form in the link given above and explain in FULL DETAIL your situation. The profit is currently casting and if your story looks good to them then you will be contacted.

      Good luck


    2. Friends:
      I have an idea for a device for the barbecue.
      This unit will revolutionize the way people barbecue. Every one in the world will want to own one of this units. This will make billions.
      Please contact me so I may explain.
      Thank you,
      Julio Hoffmann
      Cell: Edited

      1. Hello,

        Please use the link above in the post to contact Marcus and his team about your product. I have removed your phone number as you may start getting unwanted calls from people who go aroung the net collecting numbers.

  3. Hello Profit Fan Site Admin!
    I’m not sure if you have the answer to this question, but was just wondering if you know the protocol after a business has applied to be considered for the show? How long before the people from The Profit make contact with the requesting businesses?

    Thank you for your time.


    1. Lynette,

      I am currently going through the casting process. The entire length of the process depends on when you apply vs. when they do the casting.

      Machete Productions handles the casting and they do an entire season at a time so if you apply just after they have cast a season, it could be almost a year before you would hear from them, if at all.

      Fortunately we applied while they were actively casting Season 3 and we heard back from them in less than a month.

      Once the initial contact is made, count on at least 6 months more to get through the entire process.

      1. I’m applying for The Profit right now but am desperate to get it right. As I’m filling out the forms I am putting our descriptions very professional as I have them listed on our website and facebook page. Is this the right thing to do? Or, should I be filling it out more personal like as if I was having a conversation. This is my one shot and I can’t mess it up and I hope I am on time!

  4. I was wondering if you can direct me how I could be considered to be on Mr. Lemonis’s team? Who should I contact and submit a resume.

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving


  5. Hello,

    Like Marcus, my father was an orphan during the war in Italy. He was separated from his brothers and sister and lived in an orphanage in Italy until his sister found him at age 11. My father was raised with his sister and her husband, who happened to be a tailor. My father learned tailoring at age 11, then moved to the united states at age 17 and opened his own men’s clothing store called, “UMBERTO” in Long Beach, CA. He has made clothes for the “rat pack” and many famous celebrities…only having a 7th grade education. He has owned our family business for 50 years in the same location and is an icon in Long beach. He gave Steven Spielberg a deal on his first tux rental, when he didn’t have enough to pay for his tux. Anyway, my dad is 78 years old and still looks like a movie star and still works 6 days a week full-time!!
    We do have our own cologne and I would like to brand his name on custom shirts, ties,sunglasses, etc. Like a “Chanel” for men. We lost our mother 6 years ago to Ovarian Cancer after they were married for 46 years and I would like to create a cologne called, ” Umberto per Donna” and donate some of the profits to the Ovarian Cancer research, in the name of my mother. There are 4 grown children in my family 45-52 years of age and we want to continue our mother & father’s hard work. My brother is a partner with my father and won’t allow growth or even a point-of-sales system. They still write sales tickets by hand! UGH. I’m the sister who keeps pushing to modernize, but my dad and brother say they have it all in their head…HELP. My dad will be retiring soon and I don’t want to see their business close. As I write this I feel like they will roll their eyes, if you happen to write back and tell me I’m a little nuts, but considering I have bit all my nails off waiting to write this, I hope a miracle will happen! I love my family and if you say “UMBERTO” in Long Beach or orange county…you will always hear that we are a landmark family men’s clothing store and the only one that is still standing without a chain or franchise behind the name. Please help us brand the “UMBERTO” name so we can continue our family legacy and our commitment to provide quality clothes for men.
    Whewwwwww…hope you read all of this :-)
    Sincerely and Ciao for now,
    Umberto’s daughter, Lisa Autore

  6. Hello.
    First of all, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and for sure I can say I’m a big fan… I already bought a notebook to write everything important (using as Manual) on my business.
    I have a Home Office and, I work alone.
    I mean, me and my video camera and my computer (making videos, editing to DVD or Bluray) on parties and others social events.
    I hope (as my last “S.O.S”) I could have just a few tips to have a better thoughts or maybe learn things to mantain contact with my clients (feedback – for example) on my business. Even though I’m in Brazil, I’m sure there’s no magic words but, where could I look for some tips on Internet. Did “Mr. Marcus Profit” wrote a book? If so, where and how could buy it?
    Best regards…
    André Cintra

  7. I would like to talk to Mr lamonas to get some pointers on my business my name is Robert Skinner my number is 248 242 1863 I need some structure thank you

  8. Dear Admin,

    I just filled out the application to be on the show, but I am not sure where the team is with the casting process. My company is absolutely PERFECT for this show and could really use help ASAP……..

    * The owner has a heart of gold and has put EVERYTHING into this company-hundreds of thousands of her own dollars, as well as 80 hour weeks for over 3 years.

    * Our product/services change lives on a daily basis-we are a healing laser company, helping reduce or eliminate over 200 acute and chronic painful conditions.

    * We have an incredible team-passionate, reliable, synergistic, capable…

    * Organization is a major problem-if we could fix that, we would be VERY successful!

    * The dynamics of the individuals on our team are perfect for this show……. Read the application for details.

    * We have a great story of how we got started-Laser Therapy saved the life of the owner’s daughter who was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. She celebrated 5 years practically pain free last month.

    * We are struggling to barely break even financially. NO one is getting paid what they deserve, but we all believe in the company and everyone constantly works extra hours…

    * We will do WHATEVER it takes to make this business successful!!!!

    I am available at ANY time for more information. I can’t imagine there being anything the show looks for that we don’t have.


    Becca Kallaus
    Assistant Manager

  9. We’re Greek restaurant probably one in the top 10 in the state excellent food absent owner I manage it for past 6 years and need help desperately or we’re going to be closing the doors
    Mikonos Restaurant
    50 scotch rd Ewing nj 08618

  10. What happened to the employee Dede on the 240Sweet episode?
    Thanks for the information.
    Make it a great day!

  11. Dear Marcus

    my family has had a exotic tea business for three generations. There is a market for it and its only getting bigger and bigger! If I could buy this special tea from other people and have the packaging done auto because right now I have to cut labels all by hand it would save a lot of time money and stress therefore more money and much more enjoyable life for me and my family. I am making more products such as soaps and creams with the special ingredient which are doing well too. I only see this getting bigger and bigger BUT there is more and more new people on the scene Luckily I have established a good name with good service for the years. Your help would be greatly appreciated by me and my whole family Thank you for considering us.

  12. I am working on a invention that could change the way we think about horse traliors, pop-up campers,and toy haulers . I am patent pending. I have I think enough done to my proto type to get a clear understanding of what Im thinking ,although Im a long way from getting a foot in the door .I believe you will be amazed with what is coming down the pipe . I realize you must be the busy-est person on earth if you ever get to rest could u take a look to see if you might be interested in looking deeper into my ideal.

  13. To whom this may concern in Admin

    My name is Preston and I’m from Long Island,NY. I am a huge fan of the show and Mr. Marcus, I appreciate the fact that the business owners aren’t just dollar signs to him and he actually cares for their product and the struggle they are in. Like everyone else I have an idea on a product that I have not yet seen Mr. Marcus venture into and that’s the dental field. I am 23 years old and have been a dental assistant for 7 years..throughout this time I have seen a lot. Most importantly I’ve noticed how many things are in placed in the patients mouth (which isn’t a big space). And because of this the dentist and the assistant fight for room. Whose job is more important?. Who should go in first? Where and what side of the mouth should instruments be placed?. I think I figured it out. I just need guidance from someone like Mr. Lemonis. Maybe we can join forces.

    Thank you

  14. Marcus could look into the Home Goods store in Granada Hills Ca. Cluttered and so much going on. To me, there is a lot that needs to be fixed. The customers are confused as to where to stand in line and
    store items belonging in one area are misplaced way too much in other areas. I think this store needs a lot of refining and updating. I hope Marcus reads comments on this page from time to time.

  15. I like your show. I have a comment about the one regarding the Bohdi coffee. That guy that you fired…..Maybe he deserved to be fired, but I think doing it on national television was really cruel. You should know better.

  16. Does the show only feature small businesses? I’m considering applying for a large hotel, convention center and water park.


    1. Well give it a try Bella,

      If there are things Marcus can do to improve your large company then he just might pick you.

      Good luck


  17. I have a shoe that I need someone to help me invest with it’s like no other shoe in the world it would be one of the best investments you ever invested in we have to meet so I can tell you what it is my phone number is 415-685-1691 if I don’t answer please leave a text message or a phone voice message

  18. Rob – I have filled out the application for Marcus to review. Like Marcus in his youth owing a lawn mowing company, our business model includes maintaining large Estate Homes and Commercial properties in Palm Beach Florida. While we have the 3 P’s ( People(super employees) Product(offer a great service) , Process ) however we are missing the 4th P…..Profit or in this case THE PROFIT!
    We have been struggling the past few years and are looking for his insight or may just shut the doors. We hope to hear back for the “season ” is almost over and will need to be doing some soul searching here soon.
    All the best

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