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LA Dogworks – The Profit CNBC Season 1 Episode 5

Updated on November 6, 2018

Marcus Lemonis Vs LA Dogworks

The Company: LA Dogworksla-dogworks-logo

The Owner(s): Andrew Rosenthal


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In this “anger management” episode of the profit CNBC, Marcus Lemonis is in LA visiting LA Dogworks.

LA Dogworks is an upscale dog care and boarding facility in the heart of hollywood California.

It was founded by Andrew Rosenthal in 2004, LA dogworks is now a 24-hour dog facility employing 36 workers.

Specializing in all dog services from grooming to training, clients can count on their pets being hosted in a state of the art 7500 sq feet facility.

As a business, LA Dogworks generated $1,300,000 a year at the time of filming but the numbers are going down.

$150,000 in debt and with the business sales crumbling, LA Dogworks is hoping Marcus can help turn around the business.

So Marcus meets Andrew at the door and proceeds to take a tour of the facility.

It truly is impressive how complete LA Dogworks is when it comes to taking care of dogs.

We start to see the behaviour of Andrew, which is a bit harsh regarding his clients.

Looks like he just doesn’t care what others think of the business and his services. He isn’t even phased by the presence of negative reviews online about the business.

It is also clear that according to his employees, Andrew is not the best boss you could hope for.

A number of his employees were even playing to leave.

Marcus confronts Andrew to find out the reason for the bad-blood with his employees. He needs to know the situation is calm enough for him to invest in.

Andrew confesses that if he could fire everyone and start from scratch, he would do that.

A true dictator.

Problems/Issues In The Business Found By Marcus

  • Sloppy business practices.
  • Bad management.
  • Little signage outside the premises listing the services provided.
  • No fixed price list of services provided.
  • Negative online reviews to the business.
  • Andrews’ call it like it is, an attitude which may hurt people including his employees.
  • Low occupancy of the boarding facilities.

Solutions Suggested/Implemented by Marcus To Improve The Business

  • Change management and help Andrew get rid of his problems with his employees.
  • Stop the yelling and abuse suffered by employees.
  • Increase moral of the business environment.
  • Raise revenue by increasing occupancy and creating a client membership reward system.
  • Create a whole lot of private label products for dogs under the LA Dogworks brand to be sold in mass retail, online and nationwide.
  • Opening up multiple locations based on the brand.
    Sprucing up the premises to bring it up to date.
  • Building repainted and it now has a list of the services it offers on the front vetrine.
  • New logos for branding.
  • Offering a first free service to those that adopt dogs in the area.

The Deal

Marcus Offers Andrew 1 million dollars for 50% of the business.

It is broken down into:

  • $150,000 to pay off incurred debt.
  • $150,000 to be set aside as working capital.
  • $700,000 for expansion opportunities.

Marcus will control the operations of the business and employees with Andrew controlling the brand.

As usual, Marcus asks for 1 week of full control of the business so he can start turning things around.

It took little convincing but Andrew finally agrees on the deal and the 2 shake hands.

Episode Main Review.

This episode becomes more of a therapy session for Andrew than a business transaction.

Andres true contempt for his employees reveals inner problems that need to be taken care of.

His employees see no empathy for the people that work for him. Shouting, yelling and stressing up his employees are common place at LA Dogworks.

These all escalate with one of the employees, Jesse quits.

A workplace psychologist, Dr. Rivera had to be brought in to help and after making up and even hugging with his employee Neil, it looks like things are going to get only better. Even dog bowls.

Andrew even pitches in with things to do and seems to find a new enthusiasm with his business. Could this be the great end we all wished for???

Well Sadly No :(

Conclusion and Updates on the Business

Andrew can’t seem to see anything positive in Marcus to his employees.

During a huge confrontation with Marcus, Andrew says he doesn’t need Marcus’ help to run the business and truly believes he can do it all on his own.


At this point, Marcus has had enough. After staring with frustration at Andrew, Marcus decides he can’t take it anymore and abandons the deal.

Andrew confesses to the camera that he can’t work with partners and the only reason is his ex-business partner is alive is because murder is ILLEGAL

Looks like this guy has more problems than ANYONE could help him with.

Marcus withdraws his million dollar offer and drives off.

Personally, I knew Marcus was on a lost mission on this one and wasted his time even trying.

I hope you enjoyed our episode review.

Feel free to comment below and let us know what you feel about the episode and characters in it.

Thanks again for your visit.



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This Post Has 98 Comments
    1. My dog is like my child and after watching the profit, I would never take my dog there. Not because of the employees as my heart went out to them for their loyalty and passion, despite the continued emotional abuse that they endure under the owner.

      I would love to see Marcus open his own facility and hire all of the employees. Success starts from the top and respect is key.

  1. The was zero truth to what you saw on the profit. If Andrew really treated his staff that way he would have no staff. You saw 5 employees out of 35 why did they no show the rest? The 5 were lied to by Marcus and they turned on Andrew. After the show Marcus turned on them! The numbers are as fake as the rest of the show. If you want to know the truth call LA Dogworks and anyone will tell you how fake the profit is!! Andrew is so sorry he agreed to do the show, but LA Dogworks is still making money and we are all happy working there!!!

    1. I don’t really understand how it could have all been fake. Is Andrew just a really good actor? Even if he were, I don’t understand his incentive to act like that on the show, since it would obviously be bad for his business. It seemed like he had a lot of the common tendencies of people with mild autism and anger-management issues. I do believe that he is a good person at the core, don’t get me wrong. And I do understand that a lot of producers craft a fabricated story into these kinds of shows, but to say that there is zero truth just seems unbelievable to me, because those weren’t fake, scripted conversations being performed by actors. We all saw the short fuse. Could you please tell us what was truth and what was fabricated?

      1. I love this show I am 71 this is the best show .Marcus is awesome he is so direct and some of the people he has to work with are idiots I can’t wait for the new show.

      2. I agree, i don’t think it’s fake, i know they have to spice things up fo TV,but nobody’s going to purposely make themselves look that awful on purpose. The guy clearly just can’t take responsibility for his business, so he has to blame other ppl. When ppl are successful then go through the low points of failure they don’t know how to adjust. I believe the economy tanked and he didn’t know how to adjust with the times to weather the storm,so to speak. So he feels his employees sunk the ship when really its the leaders job to steer the ship the right way. He’ll always be like that unfortunately because that’s a trait that is molded into your character, personality. Poor employees, i hope someone from there leaves to start their own similar operation and takes everyone with them.

        1. It’s pretty obvious who wrote the ‘LA Dog Works’ Comment that started this particular thread! This guy Andrew needs to hire a manager and back away! Otherwise, he’s doomed! (I am a professor of Management)

    2. Forget the five employees, I found Andrews behavior extremely offensive as I did his responses on Yelp. Who talks to people like that? The only person that Andrew is fooling is himself and he’s doing a good job. My opinion

    3. I saw this episode and which ever staff member has written this growing report of Andrew must have been paid by Andrew to do so, as Andrew is a total raving psychotic and refused help from the only person who might have a chance to save his business. I wonder how LA Dogworks is doing these days, about 1 year on from that show.

      1. I agree with you completely. Andrew clearly paid someone to post the negativity about Marcus. If everything was fake, and Marcus was lying, why would Andrew behave that way and make himself look bad on purpose? Nice try by whoever that was posting for LA Dog Works, though.

      2. I agree, the review HAD to have been written by Andrew himself! What an egomaniacal human torture machine, he is. I’m glad Marcus withdrew his $, it would have been a major waste of good resources, considering Andrew’s poor relationships with his staff.

      3. Apparently fine, go look at their website. Just had the whole place done with new grass, so can’t be too broke.

    4. I was a park attendant at this place about ten years ago and I can say from personal experience that Andrew is in fact the asshole he portrays on this episode!! There was ALWAYS favoritism as far as employees went. Those who he favored could sit in their asses their whole shift and those he didn’t favor we’re treated like shit and made to pick up the slack. I was pleasantly surprised to see that his company is in the shitter, maybe if he stopped holding dog fashion shows will Swarovski crystals all over the park to impress the few celebrity clients he had he would still have money for his business!! Man do I love seeing Karma take care of business literally!!! Go fuck yourself Andrew

      1. Lol!!! I just watched this show and did a search for Andre Rosenthal because I couldn’t believe how evil he appeared to be on the show. This guy needs prayer and fast!

    5. if everything on the show was such a lie and ur company is so good how come ur a 2.5 star rated business all around u can say wat u want about the show but ur ratings and review from actual customers is low and shows ur company is a sub average business

      1. What above-the-board influential company gives him 2.5 stars ? I see low stars and horrible reviews locally on companies I frequent all the time……it is called “douchebags”

    6. I just read on yelp LA Dogworks told an unhappy customer they can never come back!!!! LOL The mentality of this business is like a girl with her dollhouse! They dont understand that professionals do not act that way. my opinion

    7. OMG I just read a response from Andrew on Yelp where he attacks a customer for looking like they rolled out of bed when they came in!! What business owner does this?????? Was that “acting” too. My opinion

    8. It was interesting to see the show and just how bizarre the owner treated his staff. Apparently jobs are hard to find because I’m surprised anyone would work for that owner. It’s no wonder the deal fell through because when the owner is as unpredictable as he was, why would anyone sink that kind of money into it?

    9. I don’t believe its all fake, sure reality shows are going to be enhanced a bit, but you cant fake ignorance! He simply made himself look like a fool talking to and treating employees like that is Unacceptable! I feel for the employees!

    10. If the operations manager confirms it on national television and the owner literally showed his true color on TV. If you think Andrews actions were all fake then you my friend are exactly like Andrew. Take that as a compliment or an insult.

    11. I think this is true because I saw how Dragon’s Den show was filmed, for example. Same situation. They cut out a lot of stuff and manipulate the footage in editing.

      There has to be a “shock factor”, otherwise people don’t want to watch it on TV.

  2. Hello LA Dogworks.

    What an honor for us you took the time to post response to the review.

    As you would have seen on this site, we post a scene by scene review/playback of the episodes. We write mostly about the show and not really a review about the businesses.

    Most of the drama, we all know are scripted and if there is a strange character, then obviously TV would like to focus on the strangeness of that character excluding the better side of the person as much as possible.

    Unfortunately, it all makes for good TV.

    We here have no personal animosity towards Andrew and LA Dogworks and are glad that you took the time to tell us what happened behind the scenes.

    Our visitors will read the episode review and then have the truth explained by those who actually witnessed the behind the scenes.

    The review has nothing but praise for the actual business and we wish LA Dogworks and Andrew all the best.

    Links to your website are present on the review for potential clients that may like to use your service.

    1. What was the name of Andrew’s business manager/admin/accounting woman? She was great and she was a solid employee despite her daily challenges. She and the rest of the employees need to complimented on doing a great job for the establishment.

    2. Very nicely written. I was going to leave a comment for the people who don’t seem to think anything is fake or staged, just because they like the show so much, but you said it very eloquently. Thanks for also showing that although, you love the show also, you do not have “blinders” on. THAT kind of integrity on your part is good business !

  3. The owner of this establishment is a Narcissist with anger management issues. His ideas are excellent in creating a dog shop. However, he should NOT be managing people. He’s a loud mouthed jerk. He would do well to hire a general manager and get the hell out of the store.

  4. The owner has ideas that are excellent in creating a dog shop. However, he should NOT be managing people. He’s a loud mouthed jerk. He would do well to hire a general manager and get the hell out of the store. The people who work there probably don’t earn a lot of money and he treats them terribly, so much so that they are crying and shaking.
    The owner of this establishment is a Narcissist with anger management issues. He should not be in charge of people nor should he interact with them.

  5. I have now watched 4 episodes of The Profit. I am beginning to wonder if IT will make it. Only 1 of these 4 did Mr. Lemonis stay with. I understand why. However, isn’t there anything that can be done as far as checking these people/businesses out better before he goes in there so that he doesn’t waste so much time, money and effort over and again?

    The owner of DogWorks has very deep-seated mental issues. I am sorry for all those who have to deal with him.

    I think Mr. Lemonis should start his own organization similar to DogWorks and have all of the good employees from DW’s come and work for him!

    1. You are right Mindy,

      Deeper checks should be made on companies.

      I also don’t want to watch a show for an hour only for Marcus to walk out in the last minute as the deal falls through.

      1. After Marcus Lemonis pulled his deal and drove away, did the business survive and limp along or did it go under?

          1. I think it’s pretty obvious what happened. Marcus walked out when he realized it would be unconscionable to help a raging psychopath like Andrew. I spent the time wishing Marcus would make this a philanthropic venture and just pay all the employees to quit.

    2. I am a big fan of the Profit and when i saw this episode i felt bad for Marcus. He put in a lot of new renovations in place, to the front of the store which is a huge ad help and appearance improvement and to the inside of the store as well. And in the end, Andrew got to keep a huge load of professional advice and renovations without having to share the company with Marcus. I think Marcus could guarantee his 50% at least of the businesses he goes into by saying that if the owner does not take the deal, then Marcus will either make a deal with a competitor or create his own. Especially with this show, it appears he could have left Andrew employee-less if he opened his own dog care facility. I think they would come work with him because Jesse and his brother said they needed the work and that was the only reason they wouldn’t say anything about the working conditions, and Neil even asked Marcus for work in another company! In the group meeting everyone said the easy way out was to walk out. i think they only stay because finding jobs is difficult and they like the dogs, not Andrew!

      Can’t wait for new shows and updates on passed ones including this one!

      1. Because he isn’t looking to start businesses from scratch, that is not how he makes his money- he already has a few, if you have not heard.

    3. Because it is a television show, Mindy. THIS is exactly what other people leaving comments are talking about. The bottom line is that it is a television show and would not be a very good one if no one watched. It has to have drama, anger and excitement, thus the staging and faking of some elements of the show. Don’t think a simple records check would uncover most of the problems ? Of course they would- but then you would not have the interaction and strife with the people- and THAT is what makes a television show !

  6. I saw this episode tonigh,and I must say,that the owner of the not psyc.healthy,and as i feel he Thinks of himself that he has righ and everyone else wrong,. He is not just not good(healthy)for his staff,he is not healthy for himself,cause he wont realice that its not only ones fault that two fights. He must learn to respect others,for toget respect himself. I realy felt sorry for everyone there,icl. the dogs. O,as I feel now, the owner,is as i feel so tired,and have sort of taken water over his head,as we use to say in Sweden,it has been too much for him,and the economyproblems shows in diffren ways. as soon(if) he realice this,he will hopefully turn on to his staff,and say sorry. <3

  7. Just saw the show, wonder if the police have dug up his back yard yet? Bet you’ll find a lot of dead bodies.

  8. Regarding LA Dogworks

    1. How did Marcus arrived at the valuation (1$M for 50%)and what were the real numbers?

    2. How can be such a discrepancy between the program and the comments made by the employees

    3. The improvements suggested by Marcus look to me marginal at best. Nothing was said about the strategy and the timing.

    Removing the debt wouldn’t change the essence of the financials.

    Could a few negative Yelps determine the faith of the organization.

    No info was presented by department. Departments are very different.


    Ca Zo

    1. Did you even watch the episode? He was investing 700,000 in the future IF he could get a grasp on the 78$ a month profits. If he got the company back on its feet he would then expand. But “Crazy Out of His Mind Andrew” couldn’t manage himself let alone a dog or employee!

  9. I was a park attendant at this place about ten years ago and I can say from personal experience that Andrew is in fact the asshole he portrays on this episode!! There was ALWAYS favoritism as far as employees went. Those who he favored could sit on their asses their whole shift and those he didn’t favor we’re treated like shit and made to pick up the slack. I was pleasantly surprised to see that his company is in the shitter, maybe if he stopped holding dog fashion shows with Swarovski crystals all over the park to impress the few celebrity clients he had, he would still have money for his business!! Man do I love seeing Karma take care of business literally!!! Go fuck yourself Andrew, oh and by the way still stalking your employees with cameras?? Watching their every move all night an day and calling them endlessly on the phone to tell them you’re watching them?

  10. I was watching a rerun of Tabatha Takes Over and in the episode LA Dogworks was the business that was used to show how a doggy day care should be run. How funny.

  11. First, it’s clear Andrew wrote that first comment. Any sane person can see how he behaves (hello, Yelp reviews!) and since he doesn’t spend any time actually running his business. Second, for those who question Marcus Lemonis, what is your net worth? He has made his doing this for years. Unless you’re a billionaire like he is (and didn’t inherit it like that loudmouth Australian c*nt), you should sit down and take notes, not criticize after watching a marathon of Shark Tank episodes. Good business people walk away from bad deals. This is HIS money, not the money of the show. He has the right and thankfully the intelligence to walk away and protect what he has worked so hard for. That is the difference between Marcus Lemonis and the people he tries to rescue. Which is why he’s a billionaire and they need someone to teach them to make their own business profitable.

  12. I just read all of these comments, thank you all for your kind words. I would like to tell you that LA Dogworks is doing great and we were just voted BEST GROOMING in Los Angeles and 2nd in BEST BOARDING as well. I really have to laugh at how seriously people take reality shows Unfortunately at this time I can not say much but the truth will come out in due time. It really is a shame what they did to LA Dogworks and myself. I even received apologies from people involved with the show saying they never thought that they would do that to me.

    I was called by a few of the companies that you will see this season and they are furious at what Marcus did to them. I guess Marcus pissed off a few people. He really should realize that you should not screw with peoples lives for the sake of entertainment.

    I was just asked by the Producer of The Profit to come back on the show and tell the “TRUTH” as she put it, but then when I told her what I wanted to say she agreed with me that it would never air.

    So to all the people who have voiced their opinions of me based on what they saw, I am sorry that you were made to feel that way.

    CA Zo is on the right track with his questions and comments. Karma isabitch, well I guess you were not one of my “favorites”, you really must have done a lousy job. We just celebrated 10 years in business and are still going strong and I did it without you. Pam, yes we were chosen to be the experts on Tabatha because she did her research and we are the best dog care center in Los Angeles. Blake I would not say I am a great actor a good one maybe but through editing I guess I looked that way. I was in Fiddler on the Roof, Lil Abner and Westside Story in high school and even won an acting award! I should get an Oscar for my performance on The Profit!

    I guess the bottom line is you can all take this show to heart or view it as entertainment (at my expense) and leave it at that. As far as I know Marcus and The Profit owe me and LA Dogworks a lot because from what I was told The Profit was going to be canceled but the LA DOGWORKS episode saved their behinds.

    So I hope that cleared up some questions about life after The Profit, it has been hell at times but my staff and I are doing our best to shake it off and concentrate on what we do best, love the dogs in our care and provide them with a healthy safe environment, and make some money too. I invite you to call LA Dogworks and speak to any of the staff and ask them questions you may have, you may be surprised what you will hear.

    1. This is a logical, well-written and calm response. Yet, if that side of you shown on The Profit was an act, was the way you responded to the negative reviews on yelp an act as well?

      1. The Oct 16 comment is very unprofessional. He calls out specific comments, uses terms like karma isabitch, pissed off and behind. What professional does this…its like high school. Yeah Andrew was “acting”…rightttttt. His comments on Yelp are just as rude. I think the other business are embarrassed because they were exposed too. My opinion

        1. Andrew IF you were acting, only a complete idiot would agree to act that way on a tv show about their business. I am sure the other companies that Marcus walked away from are angry they watch a huge opportunity worth millions WALK OUT THE DOOR! lol What kinda clown slams the door when a once in a life time opportunity knocks. loll

    2. Wow, i just saw the show on Peru. You love dogs, me too. But NOTHING justifies your attitude with your people. Maybe you can yell, but then apologies. Is where you are most of your life. I don´t like been around with people, only a few. But i respect myself, i prefer teach my employees, i consider my self very smart, is my responsability find the way. A business is a system!

    3. You are an evil man and I pray for anyone who has to come in contact with you in any capacity. Seriously, get some help for your deep rooted issues. Volunteer somewhere and learn how to be a human instead of the monster you are today.

  13. Please getcrid of the share button! I can ‘t see through it and can’t get rid ofvthe damnedest thing. I likevthecsite but will.not return if I havecto keep reading around the share button. Please? I seecothercpeople havecalso complained.

  14. I do not want to watch a show where every episode is a success. Marcus gives every owner every chance to respond to sound advice, and there is great lessons to be learnt in how not to run a business. It more important to know what NOT to do, and what happens when ego gets in the way!
    The fact that more business “fail” on the show goes to prove that its not easy to be in business nowadays.

    Marcus keep it up

  15. It’s becoming a business model to have Marcus come in, advise on how to rectify the situation and then offend the bejeebees out of him so he leaves. In this case, the owner gets his shop made over as a bonus before turning down a multi-millionaire who merely wanted to help him become a household name. I love ya Marcus, but these psycho’s are ruining the show.

  16. It’s great that Mr. Rosenthal commented here and I’m glad to hear that his business is doing well. However, LA Dogworks must have been in trouble to agree to be on The Profit. Otherwise, why would they have done it? And Mr. Lemonis (and/or his producers) would not have featured LA Dogworks if it was a healthy, thriving business – that’s not the point of the show.

    I agree that most reality TV is not 100% “true” reality because tens or hundreds of hours of video has to be edited down to fit a TV time slot. But unless Mr. Rosenthal was truly “acting” (for no logical reason) as a terrible leader and overall asshole, I think there’s a grain of truth (if not an entire mountain) in what was shown in the episode.

    So I guess my questions for Andrew, in case he’s still reading comments here, are…

    1. If your business was healthy before the show, why did you agree to be on The Profit?

    2. If your business was NOT healthy before being featured, but is “doing great” now after the show, what changed? Did you take any of Marcus’ suggestions? Did you come up with your own ideas for improvements?

    3. If things were / are great at LA Dogworks, and you’re really the “people person” you think you are, why would you act so differently on TV and why would some of your employees be willing to complain about you on TV?

    4. If the episode as shown is so different from what you think is reality, please explain how the editors could have made it appear that way. Also please explain why Marcus seemed to be totally fed up with you and walked away from something he once thought would be quite lucrative to him.


    1. Scott, these are great questions. We, everyone involved in the pre show advice to Andrew are pissed that Marcus and the Producers did this to LA Dogworks and Andrew and his staff. No one from LA Dogworks ever called the show. They called Andrew for weeks trying to get him to do the show and he kept refusing. They promised it would be a business show and that they were going to spent big money on things Andrew wanted to change after 9 years of being in business. They lied there. The asked Andrew to be the bad boss and then they were going to shoot the good boss. They never aired the good boss. They had a plan and that was it! Make Andrew look as bad as possible. Nothing really has changed. LA Dogworks continues to bring in over $100,000.00 a month with no issue. Marcus lied to the staff promising them more money, profit sharing and some other things he never planed on delivering. He had no intention of investing in LA Dogworks, it was just DRAMA and DOGS, a winning formula for viewers and ratings!! They never aired the fun stuff because that was not the purpose of the show. It was the “people” part of the process and they did not cover that in the other shows of the first season. The show is staged and totally fake. The popcorn lady is also going to do something to get back at Marcus, she lost her Disney contract because of the show. The Swanson family is also talking to lawyers. Marcus may have found the right formula now but the first season was fake, staged, and there was no reality to it. Andrew threw Marcus and the production company out of LA Dogworks!! Marcus did not leave on his own!!!! BTW, They asked Andrew to come back and do a follow up but what he was going to say they would never air so they dropped it. If you really want to hear the truth call Andrew, 323 461-5151. He will probably make more sense of this than I could. Andrew at this point can not say much because of contracts but as soon as he can the flood gate will open and Marcus will be exposed as the fraud he is!! Thank you for being a sensible person, unlike these other people that have no clue about anything and actually believe that reality TV is real.

      1. LOLOL Nice Try!!!! The Popcorn lady just did another show with Marcus so there goes your credibility. It took you that many words to try and spin the info? IF and i mean IF andrew agreed to act like that on tv then he is a fool. 100,000 a month LOL Even your screen name seems fake…I doubt andrew has ANY friends. my opinion

      2. There are plenty of episodes of The Profit that aren’t filled with drama and twists. The show succeeds because Marcus is BRILLIANT! You are grasping at straws “Andrews Friend”. I’d be too embarrassed to put my real name as well. Admitting to be friends with a psychopath could have devestating results!

  17. Rosenthal of LA Dogworks is a cheap bastard who probably pays his poor employees, who desperately need the job, a minimum wage. They are so needy that they take his rude insults and demands and work overtime for him without pay.

    He won’t fire them because he doesn’t want them to collect unemployment! Instead, he tries to make them so miserable that they quit. This man is the worst of the worst. I’m glad classy Lemonis could see Rosenthal for what he is and didn’t give him a dime. Rosenthal even insulted Lemonis!! I’m sorry any money was spent fixing that place up.

    1. If you want to know how Marcus treats his employees go to Try this link first

      Marcus went backrupt in 2008 and had to be bailed out by the banks. He is a fraud and you all are being duped!! His employees hate him and that is in real life not on a fake reality show.

      Andrew gives all of his employees benifits and they are probably the highest paid in their field. Andrew cares deeply for his employees. The ones the producers pick for the show were the worst and no longer work at LA Dogworks. People do not realize that they showed 5 employees out of 30!! They were the trouble makes and feel for Marcus’s lies! Now they are unemployed!!

      1. Those statistics are based on the reviews of 30 people who are “supposedly” employees on a website I have never heard of and has no real credentials. I can create 30 accounts and create 30 fake reviews on that website. Not to mention, the high majority of those negative reviews have been written after the show aired *shocker*.

        If you watch the episode, there is a scene where Andrew says how much one of the employees make. He reveals that the guy bitten by the dog makes $8.50. How is $8.50 high pay? You can not even make a living off that. And what benefits are you talking about? What benefits could a dog care possibly offer?

        Also, if someone decided to follow me with a video camera and show it to the whole world, then I would probably be on my best behavior. If this is Andrew’s on camera behavior, I would hate to imagine him behind the scenes. The man is psychopath, and I only looked up his business after watching the episode in hopes it had failed and Andrew fell out of his make believe throne.

        I understand that T.V. show producers can slightly sway the way people look/behave on T.V. by twisting words and scenes. But the things Andrew says on the episode are absolutely ridiculous. Are you going to say someone had him at gun point and made him say all those things? Media can only twist what you give them, and man did Andrew provide them with some grade A material.

        1. People in other countries live with less than 8.50 a day! In Mexico the salary goes to 70.10 pesos,less than 5 dollars a day so yep, people can live with that, don’t be idiotic. And please, don’t believe everything you watch on TV, stop being the stupid american stereotype. If you want to say something bad about something or someone inform yourself. I don’t live in L.A or near of it, but I’m smart enough to not believe everything I see on TV

          1. Hey genius, people in cambodia can live on 4 dollars a day so I guess that proves you can live in New York City on 8.50 an hour.
            your statement makes you look like the stupid American stereotype.

  18. If my boss treated me like that douchebag did his employees, he would find his teeth scattered on the floor next to him.

  19. Dear “Friend of Andrew” why would you post a link to an article about a lawsuit that has nothing to do with Marcus Lemonis here?
    Just trying to be the last post so others visiting the site will think everyone is afraid to follow your post? The link is to a suit involving a Mark Bellissimo. Who is that and why did you post it?

    1. Dear “puzzled”
      I’m not sure why you think that article has nothing to do with Marcus Lemonis when his name is clearly stated in the article. He is the CEO of Camping World. He is known for taking “control” of companies and running them straight into the ground. Only a few of the businesses from the show become successful and thats only after Marcus kicks out everyone that has been there from the beginning until it becomes his own. According to that article he tried to take over that woman’s business and when he couldn’t get it from her legally he went about it in a very dirty and illegal way. That man is bad news and people have a right to know who he really is. Open your eyes

  20. Andrew/Friend of Andrew/etc (all the same person – guess who?) Let me say I live fairly close to LA, and know quite a few ‘well off’ horse and dog owners, and the word from them is none of them (nor their friends) would ever consider la dog…all of which was based on one of their friends having a terrible experience there about 2 years ago – and they spread the word amoung their friends, and so on. I know no other details, but I trust those friends. I’d avoid the place like the plague.

  21. It’s adorable that management posted as Staff to defend Andrew Rosenthal
    Any employee who has worked with him has seen his outbursts and his behavior and let me tell you it is completely on point. You can’t fake that type of hostility
    He tortures the employees he doesn’t like in order for them to quit on their own so he won’t have to participate in getting them unemployment after they get fired.
    He doesn’t allow people to move up or get raises and he undermines everyone’s feelings.
    Andrew is the kind of guy who only does whatever is convenient for HIM, including any type of favor he does anyone.
    He has a terrible heart he enjoys making people feel small and the working environment he has his employees is the most hostile and unprofessional space I’ve seen or worked in my whole life
    I used to believe in him before I got to know him(I tend to have more faith in people than I should)
    And I too used to defend him ):
    The fact is that the employees are trying to work in a completely messy environment and THE DOGS are the ones that suffer and that’s what breaks my heart
    So many dogs have gone in medicated or left in their runs all day/gotten hurt or sick due to negligence BECAUSE OF the lack of leadership and professionalism
    Andrew doesn’t take action until he can blame someone else for any mistakes made
    Then he takes sweet pleasure in making those people miserable
    Anyway I am grateful that people get to see Andrew in his truest for and what his employees have to deal with on a daily basis

    1. Shame on you! You have never worked at LA Dogworks because if you had you would know that LA Dogworks is the cleanest dog care facility in Los Angeles. You would know that Andrew has a heart of gold and The Profit is a fake! It is a reality show! Andrew does not act that way in real life and if you worked here you would know all about what happened. Marcus is a liar and a fraud! Best of all, we are still here and all of the jerks that turned on Andrew because they believed Marcus’s lies are gone! The show is a fake and if anyone who reads this wants to know the truth call LA Dogworks, we all will spill out guts! Enough is enough!!!

  22. Andrew may say it’s all fake but no one I know talks to people the way he does. He gives us Jews a bad name. I’m embarrassed for him.
    My wife said he must be terribly unhappy in real life to behave that way.

  23. If Marcus ever wants to open a business on the order of LA Dogworks, I sure hope he gives me a call. My Granddaughter is 2 years away from her Dr of Veterinary degree at Ft. Collins, Colorado. She loves animals and is brilliant to boot! My daughter, Britts’ Mom, is a type A who could easily manage a store having experience in all phases of merchandising to include accounting through trial balance. Others could be hired as needed for training and grooming the dogs. Marcus, you know a good idea when you see it and I know that my family could make it work for you. Give it some thought? Would love to meet with you.
    With much respect,

    Carol Meade

  24. It would seem to me that even if you are not accepted in a business partnership with Marcus that the reruns royalties could provide an income to improve or keep the business in operation. Not sure how much royalties get paid on the reruns, but from what I could get on the internet it would be at least 25m per episode. In Mexico where we get the show called El Socio appears at least six times per week. So just to get the on the tv could provide a ching/ching! By the way, I love the show. Too bad more of this kind of shows are not shown in schools for life training.

  25. Hi there:
    First, this tv show is not about employees , neither customers but people that are managing a business, dealing with customers and employees.

    About their employees, they are troublemakers, a employee with tattoo is giving the right message or the wrong message but in both cases its a bad sign. The business is running at a 1/3 of the capacity and what’s the employees are complaining?. Too much work!. Please.

    About the boss, he should delegates his work to other person, usually its here where HR fits and that’s WHY we hated HR.

    Also, how some employee dented the vehicle, it happens everywhere, specially with bad-awful employees. And not only for small vehicles but also for big and expensive machines, mistake happens but regular mistakes shouldn’t be tolerated and i know several drivers that revenge against their bosses by damaging the business’s vehicle.

  26. Wow I just saw the rerun that aired a couple days ago and this has become quite the curiosity for my wife and I. Doing some research online regarding Mr. Limonis and then reviewing this forum has been a real trip. This Marcus Limonis has a crazy amazing backstory and his vids on youtube portray an individual with impeccable morals and values. Then we take this Andrew Rosenthal (btw…Robert Durst called and wants his DNA back…..and his mental status for that matter…I mean could this guy BE more like Durst??)

    Now like any court of law I take things on a scale of evidence vs. reasonable doubt having worked as an Insurance Claims Examiner for over 15 years dealing with accident liability. I can say with almost 100% certainty this Durst clone is clearly deranged. I’m no psychologist but this guy has some very troubling issues and definitely should get tested. I have autism and I agree with a prior post that he might have some spectrum-esque issues among other things.

    Now take the VERY LAST POST Andrew (and we all know these posts by LA Dogworks Customer Care are written by Andrew himself….he types the exact same way he spoke on the show…please) So the last post we have some very disgruntled manager saying some extremely ignorant things about “employees” in very general and almost indecipherable ways. Almost believe he’s just a troll in that the crap he writes is just out of this world ignorant and negative……but then what does Andrew do…posing as LA Dogworks Customer Care…emphasis on the CARE part…..he tells the guy he’s on the RIGHT TRACK!!!!! Are you F’ing kidding me.

    Andrew, you look like Durst, sound like Durst, you act as delusional and childish as Durst, and you clearly are everything that show exposes you to be. A severely negative, bitter, and psychologically troubled old fart. Do yourself a favor and stop replying on Yelp and this website. You are ‘jinxing’ yourself just as bad as your counter part did on HBO.

  27. Just one thing: this episode is on Brazilian television, going on “The History Channel”, every Tuesdays. I saw that last month, and I must say that EVEN we are a third world country, this kind of payment and boss’ behavior is not humanity acceptable.

    Congratulations, Mr. Rosenthal. You are now famous worldwide as a huge asshole. I do hope your costumers and employees (rather, dismissed ones) could forgot you were in their lives, so they can move on peacefully.

    Finaly, Mr. Rosenthal: You should work on your relationship with yourself and with the people around you. Because those people paid your business, not the dogs.

  28. OMG!! Poor Marcus! I feel so bad for the staff! Where I worked before (real estate company), the Manager of the IT department was like Andrew, always screaming and cussing and putting down the IT supervisor. Finally the IT supervisor hired a good lawyer and sued for harassment, they settled out of court. That’s a form of abuse! I was busting up when Marcus looked at he camera and said “this guy is a fucking lunatic”. I did a triple rewind just to hear Marcus say that…hilarious! but seriously, Andrew has anger issues, I feel so SORRY for the staff. Andrew is bound to have a heart attack with all that anger. It seems like everything and anything makes him angry. Andrew is mentally abusing his staff who have been their for him thru thick and thin… He’s like a alcoholic who can’t stop, he can’t control his anger and that will be his downfall… MARCUS YOU ROCK!!!! ( you’re so down to earth and VERY INTELLIGENT when it comes to business!!) I love this show!!!!

  29. Andrew, the angry owner, is a complete fruitcake! No wonder Marcus had to bail out.

    I would never take a piece of dog turd to LA Dogworks nevermind a dog. The poor dog would be traumatised for life if Andrew behaved as did on the TV show with it.

  30. I am new to the website and the tv show.
    I must confess, though not being an avid follower of reality shows, nor a fan at all, I am learning much from The Profit, human-wise and business-wise.

    It is true that much of the content is edited to fit on a show-time slot, nonetheless, the context and human approach to business is educational and “realistic” as it can get .

    Regarding the website, I deeply enjoy your reviews, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this entertaining show with us, keep up the amazing work.

    Kind regards,


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