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Crowd Search Me by Dan Anton

Updated on February 6, 2015

Crowd Search Me by Dan Anton Review.

Product Name: Crowd Search Mecrowd-search-me

The Owner(s): Dan Anton.

Price: ranges from $27 to $197




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Dan Anton Story

In this review, we here at are going to take a look into this Crowd Search Me by Dan Anton.

Dan Anton created the Crowd Search Me to serve as a web based system that helps website owners and their sites get higher results in search engine such as Google and Bing. The way Crowd Search Me works is easy. In 2008, Dan Anton was injured in a combat that caused him to find for a new career.

After 6 months of leaving the army, his online business made him just more than a million dollar. And it grows over 6 figures monthly from then on. There are approximately 220,000 users and when you have it, they will search for your keyword, look for your website, click it, then browse through for a particular period.

Google, more particularly, place a big value on the click-through and dwell time – or in other words, the amount of time spend by a user on a website which is also known as bounce rate. The Crowd Search Me uses this formula High CTR + low Bounce Rate = High Rankings.

Crowd Search Me Features Overview.

Once this service is purchased, you can experience the following:


  • Improved search rankings.
  • SmartRank™ Technology is being used.
  • Powered by the CROWD.
  • 100% Google Safe.
  • No Bounces.
  • Twitter Retweets and Favorites.

For the Crowd Search Me to work, first the user must enter his keyword and URL in the right field. In the case of multiple keywords, a campaign should be created, and then the keywords should be entered one at a time. The preferred search engine should be selected.

What You Get In The Crowd Search Me.

After that, pick your options. SmartRank will search your present rankings and make an estimate of how many searches happened and how many minutes are needed to boost your rank.

When those steps were done, Crowd Search Me will begin working. You need to take a look at it once in a while and keep posted with your rankings. You can assign more credits and add more keywords if you want. These are just simply part of the maintenance process.

Buying this service will allow you to:

  • Simply push button when entering keyword and URL.
  • Access to more than 200,000 real people and its number is growing.
  • Google Exclusive and Safe.
  • 100 percent automated.
  • Enjoy algorithm that optimizes CTR and bounce rate.

I hope we helped you have a quick look at what Crowd Search Me can offer you in this review.

Feel free to ask questions and comment below if you have anything in mind.

Thanks again for visiting and I wish you good luck.



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