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Jacob Maarse – The Profit CNBC Season 1 Episode 2

Updated on November 6, 2018

Marcus Lemonis Vs Jacob Maarse Florist

The Company: Jacob Maarse Floristjacob-maarse-logo

The Owner(s): Hank Maarse


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In this episode, Marcus Lemonis visits the mega florists and gift shop Jacob Maarse in Pasedina California.

This high end florist has supplied flowers to huge events like presidential events and annual rose ball parades.

Founded in 1966 by Jacob Maarse, the business has flourished till recently when its’ founder Jacod died in 2010 and his son Hank Maarse took over.

Jacob Maarse hasn’t made a profit since then and is in dire need of help to survive.


Driven down sales, pilled up debt together with close to $200,000 in predicted losses this year (2013), Jacob Maarse looks to Marcus to help turn the business around.

Hank has already borrowed $200,000 from his mother Clara and a further $100,000 from the bank to try and turn things around, yet the business hasn’t made a profit with him as the boss.

30+ employees depend on the business succeeding to keep their jobs and earn a living.

When Marcus arrives at Maarse, he is not even greeted by Hank at the door. Looks like Hank doesn’t even care.

From here on we start to understand the personality of Hank, drama ensuies.

Problems/Issues In The Business Found By Marcus

Here are some of the problems Marcus believed held the business back.

  • Sloppy business practices
  • Serious lack of correct management.
  • Bad merchandise layout in the store confusing clients.
  • Dirty business premises and old fittings.
  • Flowers are not on front display even thought they account for 3/4 of the total revenue.
  • Loose inventory management.
  • Complaints from online reviews about the delivery service, the products and the business in general.
  • Archaic delivery system, no GPSs or efficient vans.
  • Lack of contact information on the delivery vans.

Solutions By Marcus To Improve The Business

Marcus suggested and implemented the following solutions to help Jacob Maarse make a comeback.

  • Hank needs to be held accountable to the business with more action taken from the top.
  • Getting rid of excess inventory.
  • Modernizing of inventory system with electronic bar coding.
  • Cleaning up the premises and renewing the fittings.
  • Newly installed security cameras to monitor the business and various departments.
  • Changing the layout of the store to displaying the products in a more enticing way for the clients.
  • Packaging the product in a way that the true cost of the material and labor is clear and wastage can be eliminated.
  • Pricing has to match the growing costs of materials to increase the margins.
  • Tighter control on the employees.
  • New vans with GPDs for the delivery system.
  • Getting rid of excess inventory through a sales section in the store.
  • Getting better deals while buying by bargaining with his product suppliers to help increase the margin.
  • A re-grand opening to revitalize sales and get feedback from clients.

The Deal

Marcus offers Hank a deal of $100,000 for 25% of the profit. All Marcus asks is that he doesn’t get screwed. Oh, how much was that a prophetic request.

Hank accepts the deal and it looks like the deal will move on.

As usual on The Profit CNBC, Marcus takes full control of the business for a week.

Conclusion and Updates on the Business

Throughout the show, Hank continues to be very confrontational and negative towards Marcus and the changes made to the store.

After learning that Marcus has invested more than $150,000 into the business, Hank confesses that it may take up to 30 years to make his money back.

Even with the re-grand opening making 30% more sales than an average day for Maarse, Hank refuses to see anything positive about all the work Marcus is putting into the business. He wasn’t even present till the end of the re-grand opening of HIS OWN BUSINESS.

Loads of drama ensuied with Hank and Marcus almost coming to blows live on TV.

Hank drops a bombshell backing out of the deal after Marcus’ money was already invested.

He accusses Marcus of not delivering on his promises about turning the business around even though it is clear for all to see that the business is picking up.

Hank goes as far as to say Marcus hasn’t spent the $100,000 in the business.

This is where the statement of the show is said by Marcus.

“You better call your mama and get my money back”.

That was freaking gold.

So after a deal was made and hand shakes sealing it, the deal falls throught simply due to the incompetence of Hank and his wierd behaviour.

There were many better ways of backing of on a deal and Hank chose the worst…

Looks like he wants to live the stereotype of the “second generation business owner”.

Let us know what you think about this episode and the drama.

Hope you enjoyed our recap of this episode.

Thanks again for visiting.


UPDATE: Hanks’ Mom keeps her promise and pays Marcus back the full amount he invested.

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This Post Has 164 Comments
    1. Shame on Hank. I went to his website and sent him a message that I hope will shame him into stop putting his mom in the awkward position of having to bail him out. But if seeing himself on TV looking like an idiot doesn’t do it, I doubt my message will either. As I told him, I hope he doesn’t have children that he’s setting such a poor example for. Embarrassing that a grown man would act like that !! No integrity!!! His business will never survive without it. I hope he hasn’t put his mother in a financial bind.

        1. I agree, but Markus should have sued for his weeks work. I paid $10,000 for 2 people to come in 2 days in 1980’s. The were in my office less than 8 hours. They flew in first class. They invested nothing.
          I would never buy from that flower shop and others should walk in and tell the this idiot why. Stupid failure, I bet his dad would have paddled his azz.

      1. DITTO. BUT YOU KNOW I THINK THIS IS STILL A win/win. I believe with Marcus’ help investing and re-directing the business it will have a good chance of survival. I think his business accumin is worth 50k or more on its own. Also mamma sounds like such a sweet doll but maybe seeing her son on t v may give her a wake up call to get him out. THAT ALONE MAY SAVE THE BUSINESS!!! AND MARCUS IS NO DUMMY. HOW MUCH DINERO DO YOU THINK HE WILL MAKE ON THIS PRODUCTION. MAYBE A LITTLE IN EXCESS OVER 150K. HA HA. Thank you Rob. Wanted to know if he got his 150k back. I run right to your internet after each show to get the final scuttlebutt. THANKS

        1. Despite all the investment and changes made to this business, I cannot see the business growing or having any chance of survival, with an owner like Hank. He has to be super stupid to go on network TV, broadcasting all over the US and the world, shake on a deal and then go back on it after getting the $150,000 investment. Did he not know that he was being recorded all this time? It just shows his integrity as a person and as a business man. Who wants to support a cheat like him, when there are so many flower shops with honest, hand working owners?

      2. Hank is poison to the company. No integrity. jealous, childish and has no clue or motivation to run a business. I hope the employees can find a better company and owner, they deserve it.

      3. Hanks MOm repaid Marcus all the money he invested because she knew Marcus would win in court and she didn’t want her Son to drag her family’s name any further through the mud than he already did, Shame on Hank and shame on anyone who supports his business.

    2. Many comments were made at the CNBC site about Hank’s apparent ‘tweaker’ (use of cocaine) issue, many giving examples coming from past experience or having experience with family members that were ‘tweakers’. On rewatching the episode, I couldn’t agree more that there is no doubt that Hank is a user. As a friend of mine once said when she was ‘using’ it wasn’t her talking, it was the drugs. As a former counselor and mentor, I would like to reserve the judgement that Hank is a ‘horrible’ person, and put out the plea that someone who knows him call him on his behavior and put him in the ‘ring of fire’ that friends and family use through NAA support groupds to demand that he become accountable, something that seems to have not happened through parenting channels. I’m sure that his mother has no idea that this is an issue, so informing her may be a first step. Many have fallen to this insidious drug that Robin Williams once said is a sign that you’re too wealthy. And many have picked themselves up, unfortunately usually only when friends, family and loves ones step in. Hank, if you’re reading this GET HELP NOW! It would honor your father more than you will ever know. And Dad, if you’re looking down on your son, forgive yourself for being too lenient and give him a good quick kick in the butt!

      1. I have to agree, Hank has some type of problem. Not sure what, nor wish to diagnose him. Perhaps he just wanted a go getter like Marcus cause when Marcus left the store it was beautiful.

        Hanks pathetic remarks: graffiti on the window, decals off the internet. please.

        Marcus’ best remark: call your mama and get my money back.

      1. Alixia- You basically read my mind. I saw this episode again tonight and thought the exact same words…what a douchebag. I visited on business SoCal many times and have friends there also. Hank is what my SoCal friends refer to as a ‘boy-bitches’. They have zero motivation other than to convert their relatives’ ambition / success / bank accounts / inheritance to themselves so they can give off the air of being anything but what they are- a worthless, shallow, immature, poor excuse for a human being. A 51 year old spoiled brat that needs to get his bell rung and his checking account closed.

        Hank needs to have someone just clock him and drop him, if anything. Give this a-hole what a deserves- nothing!!

    3. Wow, Hank is a total spoiled brat who is completely jealous of Marcus. Mama needs to fire her little baby and let the hard working staff take over. Hank is a loser!

    4. My husband and I just saw the episode about Jacob Maarse and couldn’t believe what Hank was saying. I hope and pray that even though the deal didn’t go through as planned, the business is still doing well. It would only be fair for employees and Hank’s mom. Glad to hear Marcus got his money back.

      1. Actually, I’d love for the employees to band together and walk out on Hank’s business, get funding from Marcus and then open a direct competitor to Maarse directly across the street from them and put Maarse out of business in short order.

        1. I agree. Hank is the poison of that company. He has great employees, with true dedication and talent. They would make a great business, and who knows maybe Marcus would help them get started. lol! Wouldn’t that be classic?? :D

      2. If the business is still doing well, the sad part will be Hank profiting off the hard work and ethics of others … though I wouldn’t be surprised if his whole life has been that way.

    5. Marcus is the CEO of Camping World and I am the one who started independent RV shows which now go on across the country. I believe that in some way that what I started is why Camping World now not only sells accessories for RV’s but now sells RV’s themselves to the public. What I accomplished and what Marcus is now doing is only successful through HARD WORK it takes all you’ve got and more. I really felt bad for Marcus when this Hank guy pulled the stunt that he did on Marcus, this I believe will ultimatly be the end for Hank’s flower business, Marcus was his last shot at saving the business. As soon as MaMa cuts him off the doors will close. Keep up the good work Marcus.

      1. Hank is like a little child, but worse than that he is totally dishonest. The best revenge Marcus has is this episode being shown to millions………

      2. Hank is an immature douchebag. So rude too. His comments were so wrong and out of line. He is spoiled, always running to mommy for a check. What business owner doesn’t put their phone number on their delivery trucks? Plus he used the general manager lady out front to avoid his responsibility.
        I want to know if Marcus got his money back. He does have legal claim to the money he put into the business plus 25 percent of the profits from the day of the grand opening.
        The deal they made is binding, but I think Hank is childish and thinks he can reneg on it without consequences.

    6. Personally, I think he let Marcus come in and revamp the business, do all the work and when it was done, backed out of the deal so he wouldn’t have to give Marcus 25% of the profits.

      1. I agree! My husband and I love to watch this with our 11 year-old daughter, to help her understand the importance of making sound business decisions, business integrity, and being smart with your money. Money doesn’t make you smarter, but it will give you a voice to be heard, and a way of independence for the things that are important to.

        Marcus is a firm believer in the success to most businesses is the people, the product, and the process. Where this floral shop is concerned, as long as Hank, a son who clearly was never interested in the business when his Dad was alive, continues to ” be in charge” – he’ll manage all his Dad’s hard work into the ground. So sad, that he had an opportunity that most would kill for with Marcus, and he blew it big time!!!

        I’m the saddest for his Mom, that clearly wants the best for her son and put him in this situation that he doesn’t have the courage to share with, that he has no desire to be in the family business.

        We feel, as viewers and a lover of this show, that the best thing to do would be to have a similar agreed that Marcus made with “Amazing Grapes”, and let the employees be 75% owners. This way, Hank can’t continue to run the business into the ground, and Mom will have employees that are dedicated to the business as much as the founder was.

    7. Marcus
      You are a very good business man and a professional , Hank I believe made the biggest mistake of his life starting an argument about non-sense with you to force you out, I think you should have everything written in a contract with a out clause at least to compensate you for your time,expertise and investment before you go off half cocked Into these deals with people who do not have the same integrity as you!
      I believe Hank just wanted to use you and your show for advertising his shop and had no intention on making a long term deal.

    8. What a painful episode to watch. The son is total cancer. The clueless GM actually became animated and listened to Marcus.
      Unfortunately mommy will keep writing checks for her son until the well goes dry.

    9. Marcus needs to learn basic people skills; unless he’s creating drama for the show by humiliating people on national television and setting up situations which his abrasive approach creates conflict. Try reading Dale Carnegie’s HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE –to get people to WANT to be onboard with your great advice. Humiliating people is not a way to lead a crew.

      1. You’re kidding right? You’re recommending a book Marcus probably read in kindergarten! Watch the episode again and observe how many things Marcus did that are perfect examples of Carnegie’s best seller.

      2. I see things just a little bit differently. I see a man who is worth millions of dollars.
        He goes into a business and tries to make it work. And what he gets is a bunch of abuse from a guy who is living on mommas money because he can’t make it on his own.
        Sorry, but I’ll put my money on Marcus any day.
        I will bet on a proven winner over a proven failure any time.

      3. What show were you watching? You have to be kidding. Marcus has excellent people skills or he would not be where he is….please recheck your television directory….lol

      4. Not sure what episode you were watching, and the show in general is about Marcus helping people. This guy was clearly fighting all the positive changes that were made to improve his fathers business.

    10. Hanks mother should be embarrased for raising such an arrogant son. No appreciation of his fathers hard work. He’s simply going to free ride off the family name, thats what he does, he dosnt know any better. Beautiful flowers, but would I ever shop there?..NO!.. I feel sorry for the artists/ employees.

    11. What an embarrassment to his mother and poor father that has passed on, boy he would be rolling in his grave! he should not be in buisines !

    12. That Hank is weak! His mother needs to stop covering for her baby Hank, she as much to blame. She will go to her grave broke thanks to her son Hank, This guy has help that he needs and he acts like a jerk, he needs to watch the TV show and see for himself he’s a liar! I feel bad for the employees, I am sure his dad is rolling over in the grave! what a jerk of a man

      1. Isn’t it interesting how Marcus made note of Hank’s hesitation in responding to his question about them not backing out of the deal after Hank’s mommy said “We’re not those kind of people” or something like that. It’s like Marcus had an instinct that Hank wasn’t honorable. Turns out Marcus was right.

    13. Hank is a spoiled, spoiled 40+ man that has more than likely been pampered by his mama for too many years. Marcus was right when he told Hank he was nor wanting to pursue the business. He(Hank) depends on mama dear to bail him out of his financial woes with the florist business. He(Hank) is probably thinking when mama dies I will get all the money that she now has control over. The lady would be SMART to leave the money to someone else if she hasn’t already made that decision.

    14. It boggles my mind; 1. How someone would have the guts to reneg on a deal after it was documented on tv. And 2. That someone would turn down such a gift that Marcus was offering. Yes you are giving up part of your business, but 75% of millions is worth more than 100% of bankrupt. These people should realize Marcus doesn’t have too many failures, especially of his own doing.

    15. Seguramente:

      Si su padre, no solo se hubiera dedicado a la floristería, sino también a su hijo Hank, habría nutrido una buena semilla (heredero) como un verdadero empresario (líder) y no un hombre autoengañado y pueril de 50 años que, nunca ha madurado y nunca entiende razones de otras personas con experiencia que alguna vez, trataron de hacerlo entrar en conciencia de todos sus errores y hacer que los corrigiera.

      Si su madre lo hubiera reprendido, él no habría cancelado el trato con Marcus Lemonis y no habría quedado en ridículo como se vio en televisión. Y probablemente, ella alguna vez le platicó sobre esto (dejar que Marcus siguiera tomando el control y asegurarse de que Hank tomara las riendas del negocio con responsabilidad), pero su hijo no quiso escucharla, demostrándolo cuando le colgó el teléfono diciéndole que se encargaría de todo, ignorando que las decisiones las toma ella y no él.

      Ahora, la señora deberá esperar con paciencia a que su hijo le pague cada centavo que ella le prestó, pero ese momento nunca llegará, si las cosas con él siguen de esa manera. Pobrecita, que mal pudo haber hecho ella para tener que pagar el precio de lidiar con su hijo y permitir que él sigua llevando la tienda a la ruina.

      Hank tenía una ultima oportunidad de salvar el negocio, porque ahora, ningún socio en el mundo y ni siquiera un banco, querrán negociar con él por ser deshonesto si lo llegan a ver por televisión, delatándose a sí mismo y expresando abiertamente el lado negativo de su personalidad.

      Hay dos soluciones para salvar el negocio, pero la primera es más probable que la segunda:

      1. Que su madre lo despida y contrate a otra persona que de verdad sepa como dirigir una empresa.

      2. Que Hank Reflexione y cambie de una vez por todas.

      Posdata: Está en español y deberán traducirlo.

    16. The contrast between Marcus and Hank was stark! I’m always impressed by Marcus’s positive energy and leadership. In each episode he makes common sense yet far-reaching changes that typically have an immediate impact on the business. He made those same types of changes at Jacob Maarse. The fact that Hank didn’t recognize it proves how out of touch he is with his employees and his father’s business. I say his father’s business because his behavior shows that he doesn’t view it as his own. His behavior was negative, immature and short sighted.

    17. its obvious that hank is a child. he communicates, response, and acts like a child. he called marcus because like a child, they call on an adult when they’re in trouble.

      it is also obvious that hank pulled out of his “agreement” with marcus because marcus raised the bar to a height required in a business that hank knows he will never achieve and / or maintain, thats why he pulled out of the deal.

      marcus, as always, great job!!

    18. In hindsight when Marcus asked him not to take advantage of home before her handed the check over and Hank scoffed asking him if he really needed to ask that. Red flag! Plus there was never any humility from Hank, he is a spoiled brat who doesn’t care about anyone, not even himself. So so sad.

  1. OMG … Money on the floor… attitude, attitude, attitude…. and disrespecting someone who is trying to save your business. Sharla’s picture is in the dictionary now …. Look up the word FOOL … and you’ll see here mug.

    She needed to be biotch-Slapped by her mother.

    Good choice for Marcus to walk away … Its just popcorn Sharla.

    1. Yep Tim,

      She and her business are not “save-able”. No money in the account after making 100s of thousands in profit.

      We still wish them the best.


  2. I am going to school to be an entrepreneur and I was absolutely furious watching this episode. I feel so sorry for his father. He passed on a legacy that his spoiled son has stomped to the ground. He is the worst kind of business owner. He goes back on his deal after all the work has been done, lies about the things he has said and agreed to, insults the guy who put all that hard work into his business, and then basically tells him to f off. I’m just so mad for Marcus. If I lived anywhere near that business I would tell everyone I know to take their business elsewhere.

    1. Thanks for your comment Melissa,

      Unfortunately, it is hard for the 2nd generation to have the same passion as the one that created the business from scratch. Still, Hank should not let that business rot away. He is incredibly lucky to be left a fantastic flower empire like that.

      1. … and that big jerk has been given an entire FREE education on how to keep their flower business “flourishing!”

        Though I don’t know if it will now, after people see this episode. The owner comes off as a dishonorable fool.

    2. Hank is a baby and a jerk from the get go. Lazy as can be. What a sad thing that his
      “Momma” allows this to go on. Are you sure
      his is not a girl under those pants? I sure
      think so. Cry baby with no biz sense at all. I am glad to hear the money was returned by Momma Bear. Maybe the old manager should own the entire biz and can
      baby Hankie! Give him a tissue so he can
      go cry himself to sleep with a blankie.

    3. I’m also an entrepreneur student. From the beginning I was screaming at Marcus and asking him what he was doing. The guy took his phone number off his vans because he didn’t want people calling and creating more work for him! He also refused to give up any equity for Marcus to save his business! Why did Marcus ever even attempt to help him? Undoubtedly because Marcus saw the enormous profit potential. But Marcus knew he was leaving himself wide open to be ripped off and has to bare some of the responsibilty for what happened to himself.

  3. I felt sorry for employees at Maarse Florist. Hank should have sold 100% and got out—he did not want to be there.

    My wife and I just found this show and love it

    1. Exactly,

      Also, there are a tonne of people out there that he can employ to be CEO and run the business correctly. He can then pursue his passion and collect profits.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment Bill. Do check back for review of the second season, the really upped the drama on that one :)


      1. Will there be an update on the Maarse Flowershop, etc.? We’d like to know what happened after Marcus put a lien on the building, etc….

      2. That’ would have been best. Let Hank sit at home and collect profits, while Marcus puts people in charge to effectively run the business. Too bad Hank is too much of a selfish spoiled brat to see what Marcus did and even more that he could have done for him.

  4. Wow, Marcus, you said “weird”, but you are so nice, too nice.
    That guy is a LOOSER. He’s just waiting to get all of mummies money. He doesn’t know what success looks like, or if it bit him on the arse. I believe the world is round and what goes round, comes round. I would never spend a penny in that guys store. I’m so glad you’re out Marcus, Maarse flowers will cease operations one day, because that jerk is giving his business away. Worst of all he has no respect for his father, or the legacy that he was handed, too stupid to understand.

    1. Hank was too lazy to bring cash to the flower market and try to make better deals with the wholesalers. He’s just waiting for the rest of momma’s money and in the meantime is ruining the business.

  5. Love the show and Marcus’ no nonsense attitude and business sense. Would appreciate an update on the status of the investment in Maarse Florist.


    1. Hey RJ,

      Its in the post above. Jacobs’ mum settled with Marcus and paid him back his investment. Its confirmed in the newer episodes too.


      1. Oh, that’s so nice his “Mommy” bailed him out again. Marcus was right, the guy is a 49 year old PUNK and acts like a user as in drugs. Thanks for the update. When “Mommy’s” money runs out the place will close or be sold.

      2. Marcus needs to demand his money back PLUS a huge fee [on the front end] for the schooling, the supervision, the rebirthing, of these businesses whose owners back out of a deal.

  6. Marcus is a smart man, but what his show needs is to bring in an industry expert to help with each business. For example, used common sense in obtaining a 10% cash discount from suppliers, what he didn’t know is that larger florists such as myself have been buying our flowers directly from growers in South America and California fro the past 10 years (I actually pioneered this 20 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio by incorporating as a wholesaler, which was necessary at the time). By purchasing direct from growers, our costs were reduced by as much as 90%.

  7. Hank must be the biggest fool of them all Is he for real by the way or is he just trying to be stupid famous on tv . Anyway strange behavior.

  8. Hank should have sold the business to Marina and backed out and just taken a monthly loan payment; she was clearly more motivated to have the business succeed than he was, and he clearly wasn’t suited to be a business owner & leader.

  9. I just saw this show and can’t believe that the business is still going with that loser running it. God I hope he’s embarrassed when people go into that store and comment on their boss. Hope his mom is prepared to 1. Lose the store 2. Realise she has a tool as a son. Poor woman.

  10. As a doctor the only explanation for Hank’s stupidity and his behavior is I think he is on some type of abused prescription medication or street drug. Also the deal was “$100,000 for 25% of the profit.” Marcus is such an honorable man he went above and beyond the agreed amount and even though the mom “paid him back”…What about the 25% of the profit? Just the 2 weeks of Marcus’s time and expertise is invaluable! Marcus did his part plus some! Hank’s mom is an enabler! Hank does not want to run that business and he should step aside and get someone that is interested and cares about that business. Love the show BTW!

  11. What a spoiled selfish 14….uhhhhh 49 year old boy…when you get experience that is priceless to help save your business you don’t waste the opportunity..must be the way he was brought up…sounds like Mom is just a call…I mean a chq away each time he screws up…

    1. I still think Hank believe he didn’t really need Marcus. You can tell he has no passion for the business as he wasnt the one to build it from blood and sweat.

      1. Nail on the head right here. Entitlement attitude… Problem is, his staff, mother, customers, and business (if there is one left to speak of after this episode) will be the only ones to suffer from his selfish narrow-mindedness.

  12. I’m left wondering how a guy like Marcus could have stepped-into this situation with $150k of his cash.

    He’s supposed to be a smart businessman with lots of experience but he really missed the warning signs on this one. Without doing his ‘due diligence’ and a written contract, he’s lucky Mama paid him back.

    It made a good show and perhaps that’s the reason he decided to get involved === to make a great show.

  13. It was painfully apparent that Hank wanted a crash course in management and business repair from Marcus. Hank seemed somewhat unbalanced from the start of the show and he really showed his true colors there at the end where he behaved erratically. Marcus was right on the money with calling this guy a punk, he deserved much more than that if you ask me. I was really hoping to see a happy ending here with the young lady taking on a larger role after having proved herself to Marcus. This really was a good episode but I hated to see Marcus waste his time on such a weasel. He got a crash course in business management, now I hope he gets a crash course in litigation.

  14. When you watch these shows you assume a little of it is extra dramatic because of editing. We’ll this episode doesn’t need any editing. I have never seen a grown man look so childish and lie so boldly as Hank. The retail manager girl needs her own show!

  15. really? what a’s the funny thing, Hank called Marcus asking for his help not the other way round.
    Hank and his enabler wanted to steal Marcus’s business ideas then back off, that was the plan all along. Furthermore, his enabler made decisions for him.
    I guess it’s quite clear now why the business was collapsing. How sad

  16. Hank is a moron. The thing about this show is that these businesses are in trouble for a reason, that reason is the idiot behind the wheel. I feel so bad for the employees of the business that work hard and liked the changes Marcus made. Idiot destroyed the deal and because of that I hope the business fails cuz Hank deserves it.

  17. Marcus
    I wish you would help my investment in an online and special event magazine. What an idiot and lowlife to not honor his promise
    Bottom of bottomfeeders!

  18. I hope Marcus sues the florist and shuts down the business…what an idiot the owner was…His business is failing…..REALLY

  19. This guy Hank is devious spoiled little punk. He enticed you into saving his flower shop while he did nothing. After you are done saving his shop, his true color comes out. He wasn’t going to pay you back at all. I’ve experience people like Hank before. You just want to smack him over with a baseball bat!

  20. Unbelievable. I just saw the first episode and I hope that his mother saw it as well and fired “the owner” (Hank) from the store! How is it that all the employees can see the changes and be so excited and all he has his jealousy and pride to dish out. He is not a manager much less a business owner! The store looks fabulous. He didn’t even have the basic inventory in place (for retail — which is a standard no brainer) nor did he know how much he was spending on a flower arrangement.

  21. Just watched the show tonight. I’d like to know if Marcus was able to get his money back. Hank’s attitude towards Marcus who was trying to save his business was totally unacceptable.

  22. Mom is an enabler and while it is nice to be “nice” to your family-it certainly isn’t profitable, practical, or “smart business”. Enable his passions to be a designer, but NOT as a CEO. Hank may have a heart for the business, but it was obviously not ENOUGH heart when he failed to work the public and his the re-grand opening. His pride and emotional immaturity make him act as if he is a 14 year old…this does not spell “good business”. For Hank’s mother’s sake, I hope Hank is able to objectively reflect on the video footage of his attitude and actions. Great show as always, Marcus!

  23. I was truly amazed at how incompetent Hank was. Marcus has helped so many business turn around and make money. I couldn’t believe that Hank did not see any of the wonderful changes that were made. I would NEVER buy flowers from them just on his bad attitude and behavior. Marcus made the place shine again. Too bad Hank will make it gloomy in the long run.

  24. My wife and I watched this show for the first time,it was on A&e here in Australia. The first comment we have is that the “work”ie the arrangements were amateurish to say the least. Marcus would have been better off getting some competent florists in. 32 people,to do the work of 16. Marcus should have seen the warning signs from the moment he walked in,I would have been out of there in a minute. We have been in this business for over 30 years and this outfit should have closed it’s doors after the death of the founder.

  25. Omgod!! Craziest episode ever! That family should be ashamed of the son! Marcus rocks and I can’t wait to hear when he owns the business after filing the lien! And I bet the employees feel the same way!

  26. hank maares appears to be some type of substance abuser. typical rich kid. very sad to watch this guy on TV.

  27. Understand that mom paid Marcus his money back. Good thing too as a verbal contract is just as binding as a written one under CA law. And, all of the terms of this contract were videotaped. No question as to what was agreed to. In short, if he wanted to, Marcus could have owned this company out-right.

  28. Hankie never wanted the business to be a success because it reminds him of the success of his father. He’d rather hide out in his private office and eat the lunch that mommy made him. I agree that he is probably on physch meds and still needs a lot of help. He’ll never be the man that his father was. He’ll never be much of a man! I hope the mother doesn’t have to watch her baby boy trash everything that her husband worked hard to build.

    1. Hankie could have stayed at home collecting checks from the profits of the business if he was just honest with Marcus and got out of the business and let Marcus put a real manager in charge.

  29. I was turned on to this show by my employees. I love watching this show. Needless to say I have set my genie to record every episode. I have so far seen two episodes. I was absolutely appalled by Hank’s behavior. He is a whiny little baby and a terrible manager/owner/coworker, etc… It will not be long before his employees realize the business will fail. He is only waiting for his inheritance which he does not deserve. Mamma needs to stop enabling her little 49 year old baby.

  30. Guys, you should think outside the box.

    The business owner is not dumb, he’s actually really smart to back-up on the deal. He got 2 weeks of the time of one great entrepreneur, paid the money back – aka got free consulting from one great businessman for TWO weeks.
    People pay 100k for the consulting alone, let aside the 150k for renovation.
    => Mamma’s boy got ~100k profit out of canceling the deal…

    1. Like the way you think Ivan.

      Might have scared off a bit of clients with his attitude but in the end, he got the publicity and counseling.


      1. i can’t believe you would think like that. that’s called crookery, stealing, taking advantage of a person helping out.That’s whats wrong with our country. Taking advantage of others with money then tossing them aside when they help, and an admin thinks its a good idea somebody thought of it.I hope that guy looses his buisness and learns a lesson ,but probably won’t.I think marcus is awsome and a great buisness man and this show rocks…

    2. Not all publicity is good publicity, after seeing this show I wonder how many people would have been customers but decided if their order was wrong or the flowers started looking like crap again is Unstable Hank really the guy you want to deal with to get your order right. It would be my guess that there are plenty of other flower places to get your flowers from in that town and Hank’s less then honorable business practices just gave a lot of customers a reason to shop somewhere else. The only people in this that I feel bad for are the employees, they will be the only ones that had no control over the business failing when Hank runs the business into the ground. Glad Momma paid Marcus back, should have been $250,000 an extra $100,000 for the how many weeks of consulting and free labor Hank got from Marcus.

    3. Ivan – sadly you do not see the obvious big picture – the bad business PR and negative employee relationships that will develop for lack of competent leadership overshadow any positive consulting that Hank got for “free” – Hank will be sorry he was not more grateful

  31. I shop in Pasadena & often need to send flowers. I will never go to Hank Maarse’s shop.

    Hank is so immature. It is so sad to see such a poor example of a business owner represent Pasadena on this great show.

  32. Hank is in my opinion and by others an idiot. I used to have an office in Pasadena. Everyone raved about Jacob Maarse work and shop.
    I seen this behavior too many times. It is sad you have persons like him running business like it like his personal piggybank playground. Hankie is like several business owners on the show have MDM “Mental Denial Mentality”
    They are so deep in the ground it is hard to dig them out of the hole they dug for themselves with a bulldozer. Keyword “Bulldozer”
    I leave one famous quote from Dilbert to think about! “When you aregue with an idiot you become an idiot.” Get it? Hmm, did I misspell a word? Hmm???
    They say when it is deserved that some persons are “a chip off the old block” and for others it is all about “sawdust” well the keyword is “saw dust”. When it is saw dust it is when termites eat the wood faster as they do not have to work hard anymore. Not a wood block like the founder/s. Sad if he continues this path it is sure bet which way it will go! Poor Mom she enables spoiled sun. Oops I did it again. Center of the Solar System…

  33. Cheating and stealing is not a sign of intelligence. He could have lost a lot more if Marcus really wanted to get even. His thug behavior also damaged his reputation, which neither money nor deviousness can repair. It’ll come back to bite him.

  34. Marcus Lemonis is a true class act with clear business sense and impeccable integrity. I’m stunned that the remaining members of the Maarse family clearly have zero integrity considering the loyal employees Jacob Maarse created from his successful business. Jacob operated a successful profitable business because of integrity and despite his loyal employees he was not able to pass integrity on to his son and didn’t marry a wife with any integrity either.

    Marcus understood the incredible value of this business and the industry. Despite the obvious sleazy mother and son duo Marcus was willing to do business on a handshake because it is legally binding and he was staking the families reputation as business owners and the longevity of the business in the community. This episode was a stunner because who would have thought that the sleazy mother and son duo would do a flip-flop after Marcus invested his time, energy, and M-O-N-E-Y. All mommmy and Hank Maarse wanted was the money and business ideas from Marcus they never had any intention of sharing 25% profits with him. The Maarse family are FRAUDS.

    Hank is nothing more than a spoiled hateful bitter old man living off of mommy and daddy’s hard work, and especially mommy now because no bank will lend him money that’s why he needed Marcus. Now after demonstrating that he is a liar, thief, and has his head up his backside on a national tv show nobody would ever invest in his business again.

    I’m sure this business will limp along until mommy passes on and all the money goes to Hank and then he will screw all of those employees shut the business down and walk away living off of the millions from his inheritance.

    Until then, it will be all the money daddy made that mommy has available to literally throw away just to keep pouring into this failing business and she was so smug that she could keep doing that forever – really?? how messed up!

    Others can speculate about drug use and erratic behavior yet I saw something different at the onset of the deal. I saw a mother who felt just as entitled as her son and displayed an air of arrogance and I do not think for one tiny second either Hank or mommy Maarse ever had any intention of sharing profits with Marcus.

    Hank appeared to think Marcus was a fool for not wanting a contract and if Marcus wanted he could pursue this family for the 25% profits.

    This family ruined their reputation. If the employees were smart they would run as fast as they could and find employment elsewhere.

    I wish you could order karma like flowers and have it delivered (no pun saw this posted somewhere else). Karma definitely saw this and will answer in due time because what goes around comes around. The Maarse family showed their true colors and they are dark and evil.

  35. It is apparent that Hank is an addict. I first thought alcohol, but an earlier post implied cocaine. So very sad. His erratic behavior was maddening. One cannot reason with an addict, and their perception of reality is askew. Until, he is removed, and working a program daily, the business will continue to fail every day.

  36. I sure hope, like a previous fan said, that in CA a handshake is as good as a written contract. I would hope that in future episodes, Marcus gets everything spelled out in writing in advance, such as commitment from the business owner and expectations of what Marcus brings to the deal and gets back in return.

  37. LOVE the show, LOVE Marcus. Hank is a major loser. I feel sorry for his Mom, but it looks like she’s the enabler. I’m certainly not inclined to shop there after witnessing Hank’s behavior. I wonder if they’re still in business?

  38. Spoiled, cuddled, insecure, momma’s boy. Seen many and pretty much all die broke while blaming the world. Some take their life, most all end up in the gutter and all wallow in self-pity until the end. Poor Hank knows nothing of commerce and how wealth is generated. Frankly I blame mommy for being foolish enough to let him play in the business as if it where a sand box.

  39. Been there, done that. My Father was very successful in his business and I could not replicate that. But, through the school “hard knocks” I did find my niche and became successful in my own right. The smart thing to do would be for Mom to sell the business. It will never work with the kid running it. He is clueless. I say sell it while it still has some Goodwill and reputation.

  40. I LOVE this show. I’m a tiny business owner and would LOVE Mr. Profit to guide me in everything I could do better. Just his words alone are worth his weight in gold.
    I can only hope that Mrs. Maarse after watching the show, took a long hard look at her pansy spoiled son and made some very difficult decisions to save this long running family business. I hope she fired the lame ass and perhaps hired the store manager to replace him. And then called Marcus back to finish what he started so the business can continue to succeed. If not, this business will die a slow painful death and continue to drain her bank account.
    How sad and totally preventable.

  41. I am perplexed . .why did it go so hostile? I am not sure that breakdown of communication went…and why the owner is going out of business after the show. I did not enjoy the cruel actions shown he is competing with Hells Kitchen another show that does the same . Red flag. businesses should not allow TV programs in their business. It appears to have shown
    “The Profit” as the “anti Christ” I did not expect Marcus to be rude.. but I guess that got the ratings. . i will watch it only once more in hopes they change the attitude of helping the person in a nicer tone. Why is everything so cut throat and mean this is just terrible.

  42. I love all the shows so far. Talking about large investments, Billionaire Marcus puts in $200,000 is equivalent to a millionaire investing $50. Way to go Marcus! Hope we see a lot more Profit. We sure could use Marcus in the South.

  43. He’s a jerk. The only thing that keeps the business going is because of the employees. Marina found her potential inside. And might be the reason why the shop is running.. Even though they give back the money to Marcus. It is still him why the business found its self again. Hank is a TOTAL JERK

  44. Hello:
    After watching the show today, I came to the conclusion that Hank acted dishonorably. What a shame his father’s hard work is represented by someone like him. He will fail.
    I had the idea, when he renegged on the deal, that Marcus should have asked the lady who was acting store manager to take a loan from Marcus to start her own shop near this one. Then, invite any interested employees to come over to her shop to get out of the bad environment. Think you would have any takers?
    With Marcus’ guidance, her attitude, skills, and knowledge of the floral business, this new business could eventually thrive. Who knows; maybe Hank’s mother would be willing to invest?
    I any event, if I worked there, I would not hesitate to look for new job. Working for this guy is a dead end.

  45. I just finished watching the episode with the Florist and son Hank running the business. Hank has got to be the biggest jerk on Earth, but you could sure see it coming. Marcus showed geat resolve not to deck this jerk on TV, HE GREATLY DESERVES IT.

  46. I’m a 15+ year MBA, and have held a number of exec positions in top firms, as well as a couple of biz turn Arounds. So I can say, beyond doubt, that The Profit as a reality show is presented as an excellent case study. Each show.
    The Profit should be a mandatory assignment. And even tenured B-School profs should watch.

    In “Maarse Florists”, we see an excellent example of the role of Managing Change in an Organization. No human change… No Go…
    Great job, Mr. Limonus.

    Michael Barry

  47. Dear Mr. L,

    My wife and I have been in and around the floral business for more than 30 years. In that time we have seen similar sad cases such as this. As you know, the real tragedy is loyal artisains and workers, loose jobs and chances at careers that may never come again. I have seen my share of the street and your assessment of the owner as a
    “punk”. Seemed accurate and fitting.
    I feel badly for those who have to associate with Mr. Maaser, the lesser.

    Keep up the good work…best wishes,

  48. Does anyone know where I can find the full Jacob Maarse episode. Would like my daughter who is an undergrad business major to see it!

  49. Marcus is a genius, a gentleman, compassionate and truly invests himself into the businesses he invests in. This episode was so sad…. Hank definitely has a huge ego problem, not to mention he acts like a 14 yr old, not a 49 yr old. I feel for Marina, who is more into the business than Hank is…

    Love The Profit! Entertaining and very educational! Go Marcus!!!

  50. this was one of the first episodes i watched…..and i have been hooked ever since…..
    marcus is the best stand up ,honest man…..and he handed hank all the shit hank deserved……
    my wish is i hope the employees caused a mutiny and ousted hank and now they own it collectively…..
    i have read that some believe he is a cocaine addict…..even so, he should loose all that has been given to him on a silver spoon…..and watch it all crash around him…..he doesn’t deserve ALL the hard work his dad gave, his dad literally gave his life to this business and he is just watching as it’s all crumbling around him…..i hope hank ends up on the street and see how far his attitude will get him then…..

  51. Hank is a baby boy still not weaned from sucking his mama’s tit. He’s done that so long he will never stand on his own. What a wimp. No gonads. I have never seen someone renig on The Profit in quite this fashion. One thing, Marcus has a complete history of their deal on video tape. That will suffice as well as a written contract in any courtroom. Wouldn’t take a judge or jury long to figure out what Hank is all about. A back stabbing double crosser.


  53. First time watching the show… Love it…that Hank guy is a real peice of work… First sign of trouble… Of course running to mommy dearest to fix everything but what about the part when he didn’t want the business phone number on the van so customers don’t call, so he doesn’t have to deal with being “busy” and has to order more flowers… That is a really big sign that he just doesn’t want the business to succeed… Think About it!! So sad, because there are people out there who would die to have an opportunity to be able to own or be Givin a business… But what what goes around comes around.. For sure!!

    unfortunately the second generation doesn’t seem to remember the time and effort the parents put in so they wouldn’t have to struggle the way their parents did.

  55. Good night Marcus. I watched a TV show on TLC called: The Profit, day 05/13/2015 in Brazil. I was disappointed with the attitudes of the store owner. I would never buy this store, or pass in front of her. I admire your Marcus Lemonis work. I would love to one day be able to see you investing and saving companies in Brazil. My brother has a company and need help, just as you propose. Excuse my English.

    Best regards

  56. Hi Marcus, I really love your program, I am consultant in BRazil and sometimes I dealed this problems with some clients. Anyway, I love this kind of job and watch you give me more proud and motivation to follow.

  57. I can say there are different factors:

    1) Hank seems was never on the business when his father was. He was not involved in the business and he doesnt like it.

    2) Dont know if he studied something, but maybe he was and continue been the baby of mom. This is why also the behaivor.

    3) Is he married? or does he has brothers. This fact its important. Why? because who knows what he talked at home about a guy took control of his business (if I can say his). Someone week can easily be influenced by jealous persons.

    This is why I think. I just saw the premier chapter in Mexico. History Channel just releeased here!!

  58. Hank is passive and lazy. He was jealous of Marcus, and it was obvious for everyone who witnessed it. What a childish temper tantrum Hank. It’s great this was shown on television, because when/if the company fails – it will be Hank’s fault thru and thru.

    He needs to grow some balls and man-up to his responsibilities or put someone in charge who can.

    He should NEVER own a business and he is probably draining his momma of alot of money. I’m glad Marcus got his money back. Karma’s a bitch….his business will fail unless he wakes up.

  59. I couldn’t believe how much of a punk Hank was. Marcus put so much money into Hank’s business and turned it around in a short period of time. Hank wasn’t even present for the relaunch of the business. Every time Marcus implemented an improvement, for example redoing the company vans, Hank would say he would have done it a different way. Hank didn’t have a clue about his inventory and sale’s floor and his general manager didn’t either. After she was demoted, she was a superstar. Hank stepped aside while Marcus made upgrades to his business. After the transformation, Hank no longer wanted to go through with the deal. I’m sure Hank’s employees and Mother truly know who was responsible for turning the business around and probably miss Marcus’s dedication and commitment…Rick

  60. i wrote an article on how much of a slime bucket hank is and how many people have signed a petition never to shop at the pasadena store again. onmyminddailycom

  61. Probably he wasn’t really committed with the 25% profit deal at the beggining. Also, many people think their own good ideas are worth and should have a monetary value, but if these good ideas come from others, they don’t. Hank doesn’t seem to be a realistic person. Too emotional. He might be an owner, but shouldn’t be the leader in charge. Still I hope this business succeeds.

  62. Unbelievable! This episode has been presented in Brazil on this week and disappointment is huge! The mother of Hank supports this reckless and stupid teen called son? No responsabilities, no honor! Marcus was stolen! Consumers should avoid this company or Marcus should take this company and save employees who honored their actions in accordance! I hope to see the outcome of this episode!

  63. I just watched this episode and it was so disappointing to see a grown man act like an ignorant teenager. I would never give business to someone like him. I hope no one does, more people need to see this episode and realize how despicable a person Hank is. I don’t know if what he has issues but to use a knowledgeable and business oriented person like Marcus is just wrong. So any other businesses out there that are way more worthy of his talent and knowledge then this place. I would’ve liked to see Marcus take all that he setup for these people back or charge them for a consultation fee for wasting his time, because in the end they did benefit from him being there.

  64. Hank,

    You are sealing your fate. I am a first generation small business owner, and I struggle, but I would love for someone to come along and give me real corporate advise and investment. You got it along with nationwide exposure on TV, and you blew it!!!

    What a shame, I think your Mom needs to cut you off, and you need to get a job in which you will be fired in less then a week. Nothing like a second generation loser who has no idea how to run a business, and when gets professional help, drops the ball.

    Good day sir!!

  65. This was one of the first episodes of “The Profit” that I ever watched and let me tell ya, I’ve never wanted to go through my laptop and strangle someone so much in a very long time. Marcus hit the nail on the head when he called Hank a punk, although I would’ve added a spoiled brat as well. All I can say is that when Mama Maarse kicks the bucket, Hank’s in for a very rude awakening.

    1. Also, I just want to add that along with “You better call your mama and get my money back”, there was another awesome line:

      M: “For the first time, you grew a set of balls?”
      H: “I don’t know, are you checking?”
      M: “I’m actually looking for them, I can’t find them.”

      God, I love Marcus’ one-liners.

  66. Hi Marcus Lemonis, could you came here in Brazil and teach our president Dilma to drive a country???? We are sinking!!! Help Help Help.. glup glup
    She is a ANTA (Dolmen)!!!!!

  67. Hank is abnormal or he is very smart. He got all the tips to be a good business man and then… he became a complete idiot.

  68. I see Hank at the Los Angeles flower mart ever week acting as if he is the best florist in the entire LA Basin. He has had to bring in a retired highly regarded local florist from Pasadena to revive his shop. Hank has done nothing except drive customers away. Flower quality and integrity has went down the tubes. Customers are lucky if flower arguments last 2-3 days, if that. Long time customers have went with other local florists. The sad thing is the mommy still continues to prop him up. The Maarse name is no longer one of integrity.

  69. Hank is a disgrace and I feel the sorriest for his mother! She needs to use some tough love on his sorry arse. He couldn’t really be that stupid, could he?

  70. A grown man – acting like a little schoolgirl. Hank dear, u wore pants- but we cud smell ur pussy. Shame on you !!!

  71. That episode aired here i Sweden just recently..

    What an idiot >>> Hank – The Grande Diva.
    He should propably had some management already in his earlier years. ‘Mummy’ takes care of everthing, huh..!??!
    What a prick. I feel sorry for the employes at the floralshop..
    (maybe Marcus Leonis found some of his stash of beverages.. – maybe that pissed him off..) – sorry ass..

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