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Planet Popcorn – The Profit CNBC Season 1 Episode 3

Updated on November 6, 2018

Marcus Lemonis Vs Planet Popcorn

The Company: Planet Popcornplanet-popcorn-logo

The Owner(s): Sharla McBride


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In this weeks episode of The Profit CNBC, Marcus Lemonis visits Planet Popcorn, a milti-million dollar popcorn business with a huge Disney contract.

Run by Sharla McBride, the company started from a single cart and $250 to become a huge multi-million dollar business with 30 employees.

Planet Popcorns’ marketing strategy has always been to sell at fairs and farmers markets all around the California. The bulk of their revenue however is generated at the downtown Disney fair.

The company generated $2,500,000 this year (2013) in revenue but just can’t make a profit.

With $200,000 in debt most of it from the remortgaging of her mom Sharrys’ house, Sharla understands that something has to be done to turn the business around or she and her mom will lose everything.

Being an all cash business, Planet Popcorn is struggling to keep its cash flow under control and constantly loses money as anyone has access to the cash.

Marcus however, is very positive that he will be able to make a lot of money with this business. He plans to turn the brand into a national mega brand thereby expanding the business to $10,000,000 a year revenue.

As soon as Marcus meets the owner Sharla at a carnival, he notices that there is a lot of cash all around not properly stored.

With no safe and no interested in for controlling inventory and cash, the situation looks totally out of control.

He later on visits the business office and sees cash literally all around the office floor.

As the episode goes on, we found out that Sharla is quite a character. She has absolutely no concern for accountability and the safety of her money.

Its starts to look like the Planet Popcorn is just a hand to mouth business, where the owner (and possibly employees hanging around) gets to take out when ever she wants with impunity.

Marcus asks Sharla, “where’s accounting?” and she responds “she’s (her daughter) counting”.

Enter Steve, Sharlas’ fiance. He is the creepy dude that might be responsible for Sharlas” lack of spending control, but that’s just out opinion :)

He is immediately on the defensive with Marcus and we can see he is hiding something.

Steve is very defensive of Sharla and pledges to protect her in her dealings with Marcus.

Problems/Issues In The Business Found By Marcus

With no real profits to show even after consistently generating 7 figure annual sales, here are some of the issues Marcus found in Planet Popcorn.

  • Total Mismanagement of the business with the balance sheet in total disarray.
  • Sloppy accounting and cash management.
  • Huge loans taken to keep the business open which even involved remortgaging the owners’ moms home.
  • Lack of focus on the main source of income (popcorn) with unnecessary expansion into the unproven crepes market.
  • Inventory with no codes or tracking on them.
  • No website or online presence

Solutions Suggested/Implemented by Marcus To Improve The Business

  • Resolve management problems.
  • Marcus went ahead and bought the relevant domain names for the  website.
  • Create a product delivery/fulfilling system in place.
  • Settle down in Disney with a store instead of trolling the fairs.
  • Open another store outside of Disney to gain store running experience.
  • Control the money and the inventory.
  • Focus on 1 product (popcorn) that is the bulk revenue generator for her business and forget about the smaller crepes idea.
  • Expand the popcorn flavors to increase the range of products.
  • Logo redesign and brand refreshing
  • Create Pop One, an organic version of her popcorn business.
  • Move the business from 2 million to 10 million dollars as fast as possible.
  • Protect the cash coming in from sales so as to stop the loss of money.

The Deal

Marcus offered $200,000 for 50% of the business contingent on getting hour of the fairs/carnival business and focusing on the popcorn side.

Sharla though is not interested in leaving the carnival business as it has become a social lifestyle for her.

Marcus will also need operational control for a week and financial control of the business till things improve.

At this point, Steve, Sharlas’ fiance flips out and says NO. He tells Sharla that it is not smart to hand over financial control to a Billionaire.

He convinces her not to give Marcus control.

Finally, Marcus and the employees all convinced Sharla to take the deal and she does.

Now the work to turn around the business begins

Episode Review

Looks like Sharla is still very interested in her crepes. She is also totally opposite to Marcus when it comes to location for the store.

He takes her to a well traffick-ed location and she shows him her non frequented location choice.

The episode moves on and there is a feeling of subtle distrust between Sharla and Marcus.

Anyway, Marcus still wants to make this work and joins the staff in cleaning up the business premises. He sure is a hands-on guy.

Security cameras are installed around the premises and stores to monitor the business and prevent cash theft.

The inventory is now fully tracked and a new sales strategy to record the incoming and outgoings of the business is being implemented.

A meeting with the web designer reveals the format for the website.

A decision to look through the accounting books drops a bombshell on Marcus. With the accountant, Marcus finds out planet popcorn actually made a profit of more than $300,000.

Incredibly, there is no cash in the bank and Marcus wants to know where the money went. Matter of fact, WE ALL WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE MONEY WENT.

Sharry, Sharlas’ mom interrupts the session to say that her daughter doesn’t want Marcus to look at the finances. That’s strange because Sharla gave permission to look at them.

Marcus confronts Sharla about this and she is not shocked by the revelation. She simply tells him she doesn’t know quick books and is not an accountant. Sharla then tells her mom who was listening that “Its her money”.

After inviting a forensic accountant to look at the books. His verdict is that there is even more money missing, more than $80,000.

Sharla says she controls the cash and she is not a thief. Clearly, that statement wasn’t the right one considering there is almost 300 grand in cash missing from her account.

This is getting worse and Marcus is seriously thinking he may not be able to save the business. The forensic accountant advices Marcus NOT to do the deal.

Conclusion Summary & Updates on the Business

By the end of the episode, there is even more trouble. Sharla has been talking to the web-designer about buying the domain name Marcus got earlier behind his back.

Sharla says there is nothing wrong with that since sheand Marcus are 50-50 partners. Looks like planet she is in this to screw Marcus.

Sharla now breaks down and cries. She says Marcus is making her look like a dishonest person.

The trust is now all gone and it looks like the deal can’t continue.

So the final decision is in. Marcus backs off and the deal IS OFF.

So that’s it folks.

If you think the Jacob Maarse episode was crazy, I cant wait to find out what you think about this one.

Feel free to comment below and join the discussion.

Thanks again for your visit and I hope you enjoyed our episode review.



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    1. No matter how Sharla and Steve try to spin it now, they are just not trustworthy and that won’t change. I feel sorry for Sharla’s mother. It’s got to be really painful not to be able to trust your own daughter with the money you loaned them.

      Marcus did the right thing by just walking away.

      1. Feel sorry for the mother and surprised Marcus fell for Sharla. I could tell by her non caring attitude that she has no feelings for anyone but herself. She looked like a scammer to me. What really amazes me is that Marcus does business without a written agreement. Way back when you could’ve probably have done business with a handshake but in today’s world with all these crazy greedy people, I would not trust them.

        1. Bingo!I thought right off that something wasn’t right with her&her eyes were always messed up!I have a feeling Marcus is happy he dodged that bullet!sad for the ppl working there &the mother!They all know what she’s up to, their there to c her everyday!

    2. What I like about the show is Marcus’ strict adherence to his mantra of people, product and processes. He applies it to every type of business, and it is a universal guide if the business owner isn’t too stubborn or too stupid to see the light. It is enjoyable to see people accept the help of a wealthy entrepreneur and then succeed. And then there are those that are just plain dishonest, like Sharla, and they are doomed to fail and bring down others with them. Her mother needs to call in her loan (the courts will recognize intent if Sharla didn’t allow any documentation) and recover what she can while there’s inventory and materials that are worth something. Sad story … but entertaining and educational.

      1. I lived in the city she wanted to open the “crepe” store which is Corona Del Mar, the “upscale” part of Newport Beach. There are many delusional women in that area and many who live off their mom’s or family money with no accountability. I went to the high school there ie Corona Del Mar high and one classmate said (this is in the late 70’s) ” there is no way anyone can live her if they dont make $100,000. Again this was probably 1976? and my mom and I lived in an apartment and my mom made probably $20,000/year. There is a REASON that the “housewife” shows started up the road in Cota de Caza aka “orange county”

    3. If the deal didn’t go through how come when you google planet popcorn the website talks about Sharlas business and uses the graphics made by Marcus’s designers. So she got the website and implemented loads of Marcus’s suggestions and branding ideas. What is all this saying???

      1. YES! She even sells popcorn in tin buckets per Marcus’s suggestion that she fought him tooth and nail over. This woman had me yelling at my TV in utter annoyance!

    4. Sharla is a dope! If she didn’t have that Disney person eat her popcorn in 2005, she’d be a travelling carnie with no teeth

    5. Isn’t it amazing (finally saw a repeat of the episode last night) that their website seems to not only have the logo she didn’t like, but pretty much represents all the improvements Marcus was trying to implement. I actually felt sorry for Sharla. IMHO, Steve was the real enemy here. It is fairly obvious from his early comments to the sly grin on his face at the end, that he is the one responsible for the lost money. He was scared of Marcus from the beginning because he was scared of being discovered. I kept waiting for Marcus to realize that and confront him. Why did Sheila change her mind after giving Marcus permission with the books? I am sure it was Steve who manipulated her for fear of being found out. It is the greatest challenge of talented people to find honest partners and friends who can help guide them through the world they don’t know. In this case Sheila was great at what she did know – fairs and concessions and making popcorn. She needed people around her who know the other side – like the bookkeeper. But Steve is manipulating her, propping her up, and guiding her into believing she doesn’t need a “billionaire’s” help.

      1. I completely agree, I kept waiting for the same thing; to finally have Marcus confront Steve for his miss dealings. I’ve only started watching but I hope the show does a episode where they catch up on the business and how they progressed or in this case fold and we’re reported to the IRS

      2. Actually, if you look closer you can also see that they are working with Nascar. One of Marcus’s big coups with his RV business was in Nascar. So it looks like they did a deal after all. At least, that’s what the facts appear to suggest. Unlike most people on the thread, I’m not interested in making bold, outlandish assertions. I’m just pointing out a few things that would be interesting to draw attention to.

        1. I don’t get your reasoning for thinking there was a deal. Even if Planet Popcorn has a Nascar deal, that seems independent of Marcus; Nascar is its own entity. Marcus doesn’t own Nascar, and Nascar doesn’t own Marcus.

          Further, I don’t think people are making “bold, outlandish assertions” after seeing an owner not open about their books to an investor. Those are accounting books, not a diary. And even if she doesn’t trust Marcus, why wouldn’t she be comfortable and trust her own accounting person who was giving Marcus the numbers? Why wasn’t he free to talk without her? And if she claims she doesn’t know the math, why would she need to be there to agree or disagree, the reason she felt she should be present. The secrecy about the books alone is reason enough to support running away instead of telling others to “look closer.” “Just pointing out” what is rather problematic with her actions…and your problems with many of the viewers reasonable reactions.

    6. Sharia talks to her mom like a bullying teenager!! I feel bad for her mom, this woman is maddening. Marcus could barely get a word in. How do you NOT know where all that cash went?? Steve is a sleaze to boot.

    7. I think there should be more people like Mr marcus. at times it makes me sad to see people fail,but I see not everyone is
      honest,like the man with the( flowers)in florida

    8. Shame on you for doing do diligence on this
      Lady’s buisness on TV. She obviously has
      Bigger issues now exposed – But she is a fellow
      human being as you exposed now she is seen
      as a thief. Maybe it’s true but who are you ?
      Another body who sold his soul to $$$

      Your show sucks and you are a bottom feeder

      1. She called him to be an investor, not the other way. If she didn’t want the exposure, maybe she shouldn’t be calling up a TV show.

    9. The owner chick is tweekin on the weekend. .and then some. .. big time. . Walk away from that diaster. .. she’s smoking rocks

  1. What a trip that girl is on!! She’s obviously out to take Marcus’ money but not his advice nor criticism. She is definitely in Disney Lane if she thinks she can run a business and continue to steal from it. And who does it effect?? Her own mother and her employees. She’s a con and a carny and as a business woman, I can see she could have doubled her money, paid her mother and had a thriving business with no problems with his help. Who runs a business and can’t balance their own books?? Balance sheet? P & L??? Geesh!

    1. Hey Gina,

      You are absolutely right.

      Still, some people want to run a “hand to mouth” business and they have the right to.

      Just don’t call in Marcus and a CNBC tv crew to show it to the world. You just end up looking bad in front of everyone :)

        1. I completely agree. It’s sad, also. Sharla obviously has the passion, and the recipe for the PRODUCT. She just as obviously has no head for business. The solution is simple: Get a trustworthy partner and let them handle the business side. Well, that opportunity has come and gone.

  2. Just catching up on Season 1…thank goodness for HULU/CNBC/etc.

    Where can we get good “where are they now” updates?

    Planet Popcorn? Still in business? Did he sell them the domain name?

    eco-me? VP of Sales still there? Refined/coached? Where are sales now?

    1. I am watching it on hulu also. I love this show. Yes, where are they now? I see that Yelpers report the Planet Popcorn Anaheim storefront is closed.

  3. I re-watch Planet Popcorn episode, and Sharla is now in Newport Beach with Popcorn & Crepes. She accuses CNBC of misrepresenting the truth, and 99% of what was said was false. She felt that they made her look inept and dishonest. I found her on Manta website and the writing was recently (12/15/2013). I thought that this was interesting. The $400,000 must have gone into the building in Newport before they started filming.

    1. Thanks for sharing Sarah,

      We all hope you are right and that Sharla and her business are doing well. Reality TV is reality TV. Its easy to judge someone based on what the person shows him or herself to be. Sharlas’ personality made this episode what it is.

      1. I dont hope Sharla is doig well, i hope her Bi polar freak ass loses her stupid business because she aint nothing but a liar. And her Boyfriend is just riding her coat tails. I bet her boyfriend took the money and used it for viagra to keep it up for her ugly ass

      1. You are correct, Linda. I hope Marcus charged them a lot for the domain name, seeing as how ANY decent business ideas they have obviously came from him!

    2. It makes no sense that $400,000 went into the building and she didn’t remember .

      It’s obvious the $400,000 was taken in cash during the course of the year , mostly by Sharla the high maintenance carny .

      It is her business and she had no partners at the time , so she technically didn’t steal , she just spent the money.

      However , based on her actions, it’s obvious she would have continued doing it with Marcus as a partner.

      She pretends she doesn’t understand . In reality she just doesn’t care . This explains why she didn’t want anyone to look at the books .

      1. Getting the right domain name is critical. Marcus lucked out and I absolutely hope he at least made some money on the name. I also find it interesting that Sharla abandoned her much cherished logo for the new one, something else I’m sure Sharla had to pay for.

  4. Here’s the real question. How long will it take the IRS to shut the business down once they do an audit. Buh-bye Planet Nuthouse.

    1. Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner, I was waiting to see if anyone might bring up the IRS. I owned a business for 18 years and hired a CPA and never had any issues with the IRS/Audits. This episode clearly shows her blowing profits and it is easy to see that she isn’t paying taxes on those profits since she is reporting losing cash. Her best move would have been to pick up the rest of the money off the floor and run with it to Mexico. I feel for her mom, but she was trying to cover it up for her…

  5. I think she been putting the money into drugs and bad plastic surgery. Rumors are Disney kicked them out. She should join the carnival circuit so the IRS can’t find her.

  6. Went to Long Beach Grand Prix today and saw the truck Planet popcorn. Her fiancee Steve was the one selling popcorn and kind of in charge. I bought a bag of popcorn and told him about the show the profit and he was so negative about it that everything was a lie. He seems nervous when I mentioned I did watch that episode.

    1. Nice to know Steve helps out in the business also. He wasnt that great of a tv character in the show.


  7. Went to the Oakland A’s game on Saturday and there was Planet Popcorn. First thing I noticed was the different logo that kookbag lady was so against, so it is funny that she is now using it. Still, we bought a huge bag for $10, which at a game isn’t a bad deal. We enjoyed it- hopefully whoever ends up buying it keeps it going. Kettle corn is YUM!!!

  8. I wouldnt buy planet popcorn if I was starving. Sharla and steve are shady and if they lie about their finances who knows what they could be putting in their popcorn? Scum bags

  9. Hands down my favorite show. I enjoy watching Marcus evaluate and steer companies in the right direction. A must see program for all who run businesses. I’m hooked.

    1. I recently dissolved my llc on Marcus’ advice (on the show, not personally). My partner kept spending all our money on his personal life. The money that comes into the corporation belongs to the corporation, not the people. So unless the Corp makes a disbursement to the members (which would show on the balance sheet), you ARE stealing from the company.

      1. I was wondering if that was her Mercedes she was driving, especially if she borrowed money from her mom. It seems like her mom needed the money more than anyone needed a Mercedes.

  10. Too bad Sharla didn’t fess up and tell Lemonis she skimmed the money. I also feel bad for her mother who will never see that loan back again. Quit lying people! It always gets you in trouble. Planet Popcorn would have been huge! Now its just some carnival popcorn you can get at any state fair.

      1. What a total idiot that sharla was….Marcus gives her the whole plan to turn her business around and run it like a real company and she tries to screw him…..what a loser. I would never ever buy her popcorn!!!! Her mom is gonna be the real loser…

        1. What a goose, biggest chance of a lifetime to quadruple her turnover (and profit)and all she had to do was give up 50% of nothing.

          Marcus, I can see why you are good at what you do

      2. Hi Marcus,
        Saw the Planet Popcorn episode and was completely blown away by this “Sharla”.
        Apparently she is one soul less person to do this to your own mkm.
        My father tsught me to always be honest and tell the truth even if it hurts.
        Good luck.
        . Live the show,good luck

  11. This poor Mother put up her house to a couple of morons. Now she may be homeless at her age cuz of stupidity. You have complete idiots like Steve telling her not to take the deal cuz ” your gonna have a billionaire running things” that’s exactly who I would want to help me and/or run things…. He’s a millionaire cuz he’s smart and knows how to do things, why is this so hard for morons to understand? Steve is such a fool, embarrassing himself for the whole nation to see… I could go on and on about how messed up these people are, unbelievable the idiots in this world.

    1. I think they are all in it. The Accountant, Sharla, her dodgy fiancé. The mother has probably got her money back and its under the bed, they were trying to scam Marcus. Pretty dumb to attempt something like this, cost them half their business with Disney. She wont be skimming $400K this year, won’t be a lot left now there is no Disney.

  12. OMG… it is SO OBVIOUS that she is on drugs, which is the reason that she does not want to leave the carnival side of the business — LOTS of drugs & drug dealers at a carnival. I would guess that she is on crystal meth from her looks, or heroin.

    They way she shakes from drug use, and how she continues to insist that she is “honest” just shows how dishonest that she it.

    Her flippant attitude and crocodile tears also points to drug use.

    I also would not be surprised if she spends thousands per month on lottery tickets, slot machines, etc.

    They are no longer at Downtown Disney, probably because they didn’t want to deal with a bat-shit-crazy meth-head. Although, Sharla claims that she is no longer their because Disney is jealous of her “success.” Yeah….right.

    1. Boy that’s what I thought!! Red flags were going up pretty fast. Gambling, pills????…something was wrong! Clearly money was going some where for something….and she was very defensive. Why would she want to change a system that allowed her to have lots of cash with out anyone knowing. What a fraud she was!! I feel sorry for her mother!!

  13. Sharla displayed such an interesting and obvious character to the audience that she herself was oblivious to. Unfortunately, I know two or three people exactly like her. She’s one of those people that the camera exposes, (or a Mime would mock at the carnival) but she can’t see herself because her angel wings and halo get in her way. Marcus may have been the first person in her entire life that pointed out that rationalizing and making excuses is not the same thing as morality.

  14. I own a kettle corn business and I would give anything to have Marcus come in to help me and my wife and kids run it better. You can’t turn away great help. So sad for popcorn planet!

  15. I think the money went to buying crack. The way she spoke to her mother was unbelievable. She is an immoral con artist. She could have been successful if she listened to Marcus. Marcus is an intelligent businessman with a proven track record. Shame on Sharla for not paying her own mother back first before blowing the money. Shame on Marla twice for not taking the show’s help so she could make an honest woman of herself and pay her mother back. Sharla is sick!

  16. I would like to see a follow-up on that show. Who ripped off the company? I have my pick. I just watched it and will watch others. great job cnbc also other programs.

    1. I don’t understand how they don’t know where the money went. Every entry needs a debit and a credit so it should have been easy to determine how the money was coded in the accounting system and then look at why it was coded that way. It is impossible for a balance sheet not to balance. All of the detail should be in the accounting software – weird that they made it seem like this big mystery.

  17. “…He tells Sharla that it is not smart to hand over financial control to a Billionaire.”

    Right. You’re going bankrupt, so your business sense is obviously better than that of someone who has accumulated >$1,000,000,000 cause what could he possibly know…

    I always love it when people who have no knowledge of a subject insist on their opinion being given equal weight (or more) with that of an expert. Its like being in the back of an airliner and phoning the cockpit during a storm and telling them to use more flaps…

  18. Sharla is a deep grade liar:


    1. GRADE LEVEL LIAR: When caught, there is an apology, regret, admission of a poor decision, etc.

    2. DEEP GRADE LIAR: When caught, there is continued lying about the lying, denial or no response to the accusations.

  19. I wonder if IRS should investigate this case. I am in NYC and know most cash-business do not even put money on bank account to avoid tax. I know one of owners hide all cash in basement for real. I believe this planet pop-corn owner did not want to break the deal initially or intentionally. However, once she realized the hiding cash will kill the deal, she started taking amount of unethical actions, like buying the website and etc..

  20. Interesting episode. I too wonder about the missing money. Is it just hiding from the IRS? With no accountability anything can happen.
    Now I really want to watch the Jacob Maarse episode.
    On another note, please have someone proof read your post. There’s no excuse for all the typos and grammatical errors.

    1. Sharla did account for the cash! That’s the stupidity of her actions. She allowed the money to be put on the books and THEN stole it. Now how stupid is THAT!

  21. Hello….I know a Druggie when I see her!
    No doubt she is a substance abuser…if not a drug then her substance is gambling, but, all in all, I think she is a heavy druggie, a functioning druggie, she just cannot make enough money to pay all her bills….I feel sorry for MOMMA, as her house is gone! I have seen it all before… I guess that is why I recognize it so Quickly!!
    Im sorry for Momma.

  22. Are we tio believe that Marcus did not know the kind of person he was dealing with the first minute they met and the VERY high likelihood CASH was flying out the back door ? Ofcourse he did. BUT it makes for great TV and he knew exactly how it would end !!!!

  23. Wow, you can just look at this women and tell she’s definitely on something. I honestly think shes on some type of opioids or maybe Meth, possibly a little of both.Well most likely a lot of both. She’s just trying to rip off someone else besides herself and her business. She’s stealing from her own company and making it look like its other people working with her.A typical drug addict. Not excepting responsibility of her own selfish actions.

    1. First of all, an “opiate” and a “stimulant” like meth have two completely opposite effects on you- so if you can’t tell the difference, then you have no idea what you are talking about. You know who else lies and is selfish ? Lying, selfish people. You don’t have to be on drugs to be a bad person, some wonderful folks like her- it just comes naturally. She wanted to carefully slide through that whole process and just get the check, that is why there was so much anger anytime they wanted to look deeper. To everyone that keeps talking about the mom- she is afraid of the daughter because she has no spine, BUT, she is just as much of a sketchy person as the daughter, otherwise she wouldn’t have told him not to look. If you support a dishonest action and say nothing while helping to hide it- then you are just as guilty.

  24. Think Sharla’s paying herself under the table in cash & that’s where the money has gone & why she was so nonchalant, didn’t really want help & doesn’t give a crap about her mom! Could tell by the way she snapped at her when she asked to talk in private without cameras. Wish she would’ve stood up too right then & said give me my money & you’ll never hear another word from me! Almost like she was too scared to say anything!! Sounds like the IRS might wanna look into this one! Know the type all too well…reminds me of someone I know…living in their own reality, delusional really & nothing can change it except MAYBE some professional help with which they’ll probably never agree to!! Good thing Marcus got out when he did!! So sad for her mom!!

  25. To those telling others to watch their grammar….. ( Mary Isabelle)
    You are not our professor we aren’t writing a thesis, this a bloody website on the bloody internet. Get a life and get off your high horse, absolutely no-one is impressed with or cares about your grammar policing.

    If you’re so good at English get a phd and teach it, otherwise shut the bloody hell up, comment ON THE TOPIC AT HAND and move the hell on.


    1. You just did what you told her not to do. I also have commented about it. I am not commenting about it by the regular folks like us writing comments. I suggested to the admin that there is an unreasonably high instance of the wrong “tenses” being used,along with a large number of type-o’s, thus making reading along annoying and the like. You do not agree that a sentence like “I go stores and buy while car outside” is annoying to read ? Especially when it is happening every few sentences ? Also, your use of the words “bloody hell” suggest you are not a U.S. citizen ? I would believe that as you might not know that a comments section that allows everyone to “share their thoughts and comments” means just that. Grammar police are just as bad as……..keyboard warriors- so why don’t you STFU and move the bloody hell on !(which is ending a sentence with a preposition, by the way, but no one pointed that out, did they ?)

      1. It may have been a bit too strong, but I think he was annoyed at grammar, spelling, or punctuation police. This is a comment section on the Internet, not a review to be posted in a scientific journal. So, it’s annoying when someone complains about tense or spelling, like if someone complained about the way you spell type-o’s incorrectly.

  26. I recorded the re-run of this show and just saw it today. The P&L seems to be recorded in their system since they are all talking about $319 of profit. But they couldn’t find it on the balance sheet. That doesn’t make sense to me. Unfortunately I deleted the episode immediately after watching so I couldn’t go back to review.

    If the earnings from the P&L was booked over to the Balance Sheet and the Asset matches the Liabilities & Assets side then the booking of the missing $319k must be there. It would take some account analysis to understand where it was booked. The petty cash and bank account showed overdrawn balance so the balance sheet doesn’t suggest the money is there while it’s not.

    So they would have to dig deeper to find the issue. Maybe do inventory counts, review AP, etc.

    Since they have huge amounts of cash due to the nature of the business I expect a lot of purchases to be paid from cash. I remember piles of receipts on top of the lady’s Sharla’s desk. Maybe purchases and other payments are not recorded properly. It is more likely that the cost price is off since they are making unrecorded purchases. That would swing the P&L.

    I am not sure what a forensic accountant does but I would think it goes deeper than just review some print outs. The key is in the supporting documentation I would think. Look at bank statements, statements from vendors, statement from lenders, etc.

    Anyway, I am just confused at the whole situation and unable to go bank and review. I had to vent here.


      1fo·ren·sic. adjective \fə-ˈren(t)-sik, -ˈren-zik\. : relating to the use of scientific knowledge or methods in solving crimes. : relating to, used in, or suitable to a court …

      This woman simply is one of those hard-headed, ignorant people who believe that since the business is theirs, they can do as they wish. All of the accounting can be in order, just not the final tally when all that is happening is that people like this just dip into the cash whenever they feel like it. They don’t take a salary, etc. they just use the business account as their personal, also, and to them- if it has money in it- spend it !

    2. I thought the same thing. It shouldn’t be a big mystery, open the accounting software and see what the debits and credits are. Or do a cash flow statement.

  27. What’s fascinating about Sharla is she has put her mother’s house and money at risk, yet she drives around in a Mercedes.

  28. Literally JUST worked for this company yesterday and today at the Air Race in Vegas. My roommate and I knew something sketchy was going on after learning we were obviously being paid under the table. I turned on the TV in my hotel room and imagine my shock to see Planet Popcorn and Sharla’s face in the intro section of The Profit. My intuition never lies about people and to see it on the TV was a trip. Btw she’s still running her business out of shady ass trailers with very little cash management (cash registers don’t even work). Too funny.

  29. Anyone know where I could watch Season 1? I watched the first two episodes on Hulu and then went back on today and they’re gone. Season 2 is there, but I’ve already watched that.

  30. I think everyone is underestimating Sharla’ s intelligence. I believe in looking at situations with an open mind. Business wise, she was brilliantly playing the ditsy damsel in distress but realistically look at what she has done. She took all of the business ideas and tools Marcus gave her and she put them in place without giving up 50 percent of her company. She changed the branding, bought the website and created storefronts just like he told her to. She lost the Disney deal and that may have hurt her but there’s no telling if it truly hurt her other than looking at the public records of her companies annual statements. I would feel bad for her mom but I don’t believe her mom is truly in that type of debt, simply because she didn’t react defensively about the loss of her money or seemed concerned when Marcus try to confront Sharla. If anything, the expression on her mom’s face looked just as suspicious when she told the accountant and Marcus not to look at the financial records. I don’t think Sharla’ s stupid, I think she’s evil and knows exactly what she’s doing.

  31. From yelp review:
    I just received a personal note from the owner of Planet Popcorn informing me they’re no longer going to be located at Downtown Disney, due to the Happiest Place on Earth being a bit unhappy that Planet Popcorn was successfully outperforming Disney’s own popcorn sales efforts, so the Magical Kingdom will no longer have the best popcorn available to patrons. I hope that Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and the gang convince Downtown Disney to let Planet Popcorn continue residing in Downtown Disney.

    It’s too bad if Planet Popcorn isn’t a part of Downtown Disney because Planet Popcorn was the main reason I’d go to Downtown Disney, which otherwise has no real unique appeal and is a bit overcrowded for generic stuff (lots of generic retail chain stores you can find at a less crowded mall that’s easier to find parking at) and similar stores you can find elsewhere as well. There was only a few unique offerings that made Downtown Disney a decent destination, and Planet Popcorn is/was one of them.

    I’m updating my review since the personalized customer service from Planet Popcorn was an added touch of class and good business sense.

    With that, she thanked me for my patronage and informed me that there will be a Planet Popcorn website, listed on this Yelp Page to order fresh popcorn, made daily that can be shipped (or also maybe even picked up if in the area where they’re located)

    To order, call: 949-650-5000, which is the same number listed on this Yelp page.

    This reviews seems very odd. In fact, it looks like someone planted the review to make planet popcorn look good. Sharla already proved she was untrustworthy. She comes across as the type of person who would do this very thing. Her lies are all she has now. sad….

  32. Did you notice Sharla’s license plate, something like: CARNY 1. Sharla said her social life is the festivals. She’s one of the “girls just wanna have fun” type girls. It also made sense to Sharla to have a Planet Popcorn store front in her own neighborhood cause it would be fun.

  33. I thought from the very moment that steve appeared on the scene that he was a honest as a three dollar bill. I feel that he and Sharla are skimming big time and that he put Sharla up to it. How do you “screw” your mom? JAY K

  34. What’s with all this “bring in the IRS!” nonsense? You want the gigantic greedy government to steal even MORE money?

    What would Big Greedy Government spend the additional money on – IRS email backup systems? Kennedy booze cabinets? Tanning spray for John Boehner? Golf lessons for Odumbass?

    People need to keep money away from greedy government thieves. If $9 Trillion/year for various levels of greedy government isn’t enough, those parasites need to start firing people.

    1. I agree with you. The people that keep talking about that will never be great business people because they are focused on some kind of “retaliation” because the deal didn’t go down. Worry about making money, not about getting people in trouble and being a little tattle tale. You don’t think there is one I.R.S. Agent watching this show ? What do they think happens when you do call them ? they just go bust them ? I had a similar experience, and if you bring them all the documentation of the wrong-doing after doing all of the investigation yourself, they MIGHT take a look at it.

  35. I wonder if the Owner(s) get a sum of money from the show for their participation and by doing so, do they forfeit any legal retaliation against the show for making them look so incompetent and sketchy?

  36. I agree with the fact that you can’t do business with someone you can’t trust and that lady was as dishonest as a person could be ! When you lie to cover up your sneaky move instead of saying “I am sorry, you are right” you are showing that you are completely devoid of any honesty. All this woman wanted to do was get the check to be able to continue to operate the business because it was time to pay Peter, not because of any interest in learning from Marcus or changing how they operate.
    I also am not defending people like this, but, I do see alot of people like her that can’t see it as stealing since it is their company !

  37. I thought I was the only one who saw the drugs written all over Sharla’s face… and her actions. Half the time I thought I was watching an episode of COPS. I am sure she will screw someone over and they will drop dime to the IRS over all the undeclared cash (or the drugs). She needs to stop posting fake yelp reviews about herself as well.

  38. I was not surprised when he found money missing just by the piles. The fact that the mom stopped the audit leaves me to believe the mom knows something more. If I was owed a huge amount of money i would be demanding answers immediately!
    She was as laid back about it as the daughter theres something wrong and the BF didnt want Marcus there cuz that was his gravy train. She paid her bills and bought and supported herself and him on the cash. But…300,000???? Oops 400,000 in a year thats 33000 a month missing…. Makes you wonder how you could NOT realize you were missing 33k a month thats close to 8k a week!!! Think about that to LOOSE 8k a week! Unheard of theres much much more to the story here and I’m glad Marcus is out!

    1. No!!!! Seriously?? It would be interesting to hear the update.
      I can’t believe it would invest in a business which cannot account for thousands of dollars and when the owners is asked where is “Accounting” replies she is counting.
      I did see they are no longer in Disney. I guess it’s on to crepes.

    2. I bet the missing $400k that Planet Popcorn is the company that comes back tonight. This show is so fake and predictable.

  39. Its not a mystery where the money is. People with a cash business stash the cash. Sharla loves the fair money because there is no control on the money. Takes it home and into the safe.

  40. Sharla works closely with Ovations Food Services…that is how she got the job at Coliseum with the Oakland A’s this year.

  41. The missing money went to two things – #1 drugs and #2 that face tightening she had from some bad plastic surgeon. It’s a 100% cash business and she is syphoning off the top and not paying taxes on that money she pockets. Having cash laying around on the floor in bundles was either done for the show and effect or she is one stupid business owner. Some how I think it is a little of both. She is a carnie, red neck druggie with an idiot for a boyfriend.

  42. I thought Sharla made some great improvements to demonstrate that she is putting in the systems to be more successful. I know what some here are saying but as a businessperson I give this lady a lot of credit. She has built her business into a $2 million plus business and I bet no one here has done that!

    I’m glad Marcus gave her a second chance.

    1. Don’t be impressed Scott. She only changed because of what she learned from Marcus. The advise on all his episodes are extremely wise and to the point. I wish I had that advise when I was younger. I would have gone into business as my undergrad major. (I went into healthcare, had my own medical practice and could not keep it profitable because my payments were based on insurance payouts. So I decided if I could not beat them, then join them and now work for the insurance company.) She needs to be grateful, because Marcus could have turned another popcorn maker into a powerhouse in addition to grabbing the contract with Disney. Now that he is in business with her again, she may get the Disney contract back.

  43. I feel sorry for the employees because now they have to list Planet Popcorn on their job applications and are known as working for that crooked idiot owner.

    How embarrassing being associated with a company like that

  44. Sharla knows exactly where the money went. SHE STOLE IT!!!!!
    She feels that she is intitled to the Cash because it was her Company.

    She is a HORRIBLE business person and she took advantage of her mother.

    Marcus should have left her earlier.

    Mike may

  45. I just read the review of the ‘Planet Popcorn’ update, Dec. 2nd and they said that Sharla looked good in BOTH outfits!
    I REALLY beg to differ! The first outfit a ‘little’ black dress that gives REAL meaning to the word ‘little’, was really hard to watch. It was sooooooooooo short AND so low cut I was just waiting for a ‘wardrobe malfunction’to happen! Did anyone else see this??? It looked SO unprofessional AND inappropiate to me. I kept watching and thought that Marcus had ‘Planet Popcorn’ on his mind but I could not help but to wonder, WHAT was on her mind?

  46. amazing more than 300 am us$ disaper.
    Sharla is a magic girl!

    Marcus.. lets try as a franchising! please keep my contact.

    people / buyers here were I live is not a problem. we are more than 15 million citizens in just 1 town.

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