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Planet Popcorn Given Second Chance

Updated on November 6, 2018

Planet popcorn update.

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So Marcus revisits Sharla McBride planet popcorn episode. He says that Sharla lost her Disney contract and decided to contact Marcus again for another chance.

To Marcus once again meets Sharla and this time she’s dressed up elegantly and looks responsible.


She shows Marcus around the business which looks a little bit more organized this time. Especially if you consider that that the last time Marcus went there, there was cash on the floor everywhere.

She even tells Marcus she has a bookkeeper now and that the relationship between her and her mom (who she may take out a mortgage on her home to help finance the business) is now good.

She now pays her mom’s mortgage in the bid to help repay the loan her mum gave her.

So there is no more money on the floor of her office, there are security cameras installed to keep an eye on the cash room and her business. The money gets put into a safe before it is transferred to the bank all this under the watchful eye of manager and the cameras.

Sharla has even updated her inventory system.

All this sounds very impressive but is it just the new face for us the TV viewers. Considering how much backlash got, even on this page, I believe it’s in her best interest to try to clean up her public persona.

It may also have to do something with it getting back that Disney contract does it?

Marcus and Sharla sit down to make a new deal.

They agreement to an investment of $50,000 for 40% of the business and the royalty of 50 cents for each pack of popcorn sold.


Looks like Marcus is back in the popcorn business WITH SHARLA?????????

Well, wish them the best and hope nothing crazy happens in the future.


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  1. Sharla must have come to her senses after Marcus first walked out on her first deal. I’m wondering if she reached out to Marcus because she lost her Disney deal. It doe look like Sharla has been doing thinks differently to improve her business like adding security cameras and keeping cash off the floor. I’m still wondering if Sharla was taking cash from the business the first time the episode ran.

    1. The first episode was excruciating. My first thoughts were that she was taking the money, probably for plastic surgery and I thought she was on drugs frankly as she was not making any sense at all. I wonder also how much influence her fiance had. I think Marcus was crazy giving her a second chance, she proved herself to have few morals, no integrity, she was a liar and leopards don’t change their spots.

    2. They did not enter into a business deal again. He bought her a “Bagger” for her product and gave her the website domain name.

  2. I really think sharla was taking the money to give it to her fiance, i wouldnt do any business with her, she showed on camera that she doesnt care what Marcus says and she is pretty bad in numbers, she actually thinks her business makes a profit of $2.5M

  3. Do not trust her. I believe in giving second chances provided they have fruits worthy of repentance. The mouth should be connected with the shares.

  4. I think the saddest part of everything that happened is what happened to all of her Disney employees which no one seems to give a rip about. She shorted them on their checks and hours illegally, and when the final hour of her business came to an end she didn’t warn her employees or start telling them to look for another job. She lied and told her employees that they were just remodeling… come to find out later that they would all loose their jobs and then struggle getting a new one because Sharla wouldn’t answer phone calls to give anyone a reccomendation.. How unprofessional.

  5. Well… This first episode of “case Planet Popcorn” was seen on TV yesterday in our country and I just gotta say: Damn… That woman is so cocky and unreliable that it serves her right if she loses her business. Marcus IS strict and rough, but I think he knows things way better than Sharla and owns principles. I wouldn’t even look at her if I was him. She is a disgrace for all reliable and honorable women.

  6. It was apparent that the owner and her boyfriend were “stealing” money from the business because both were opposed to Marcus looking at the financial part of the business.

    She wanted Marcus to invest in the company to replace and give her more money to spend.

    This article mentions Marcus re-visiting Planet Popcorn but I have never seen an episode of “The Profit” including the progress episodes that mentions Planet Popcorn.

    1. I have seen this epsiode from the Profit now in the Netherlands and I thougt that she is steeling the money from the company. Someone els lose there job en go to the jail but she is free…….strange

  7. I believe she was stealing money probably why she didn’t have camera setup in any of her trailers. I could see by looking in her eyes and her mannerism she was hiding something. I believe the she was taking the cash and putting it somewhere safe maybe a safe in her home. I don’t trust her and it was clear on the show that she is lying. I feel sorry for her poor mother.! Let’s not forget to pray for her mom! And she needs to come clean!

  8. I wouldn’t trust Starla as far as I could throw her. I predict this new deal will go south, too. She’s too shady.

    As a retired businessman myself, I really like the show. I’ve seen a lot of people go down the tubes in the restaurant business when I was working. You need much more than a good recipe!

  9. Looking at the first show, def she is a Do not trust person.

    I wonder, do they Franchise?

    Marcus, how can I get in touch with him??

    1. And that link shows exactly what now? It doesn’t show that the show is scripted at all maybe you should read what you actually link.
      Instead it shows that Marcus cut out and then the fish place was investigated for tax and insurance fraud and it’s a good thing Marcus cut ties and ran.
      Next time read before you post a link.

  10. Sharla is incompitant and very unprofessional. She acts like she is on drugs as well. I don’t even know y Marcus would go back to that. In the long run I think he should watch out for that lady in the futureda

  11. Character is key to doing business with the right people. Sometimes it takes failure to turn someone around and is one of life’s lesson. Marcus seems like a compassionate person who is willing to give her a second chance. Also this is a lucrative business with much potential. Hopefully, Marcus will have systems put in place such as monthly or quarterly audits so Sharla is held accountable for the business operations.

  12. I saw the first round with Sharla and Planet Popcorn, but I’m confused as to where to find this “second chance” episode. I’m very interested in following up on whole situation. How can i find out about how all this ended up? VERY CURIOUS!!!!! :)

  13. Well Marcus needs to keep on eye on shipping in this business. Ordered some popcorn from Riverside CA. 44 miles from the business and the popcorn has traveled from Corona Del Mar to Anaheim to Boston MA and now is in NH. Wt, hello, it is taking the long way home around the US.

  14. This show was a travesty and was a gross misrepresentation of the extremely successful business that she had built up on her own. You do nothing more than exploit small business owners and scam them for a bogus reality TV show. You knew before you went in there that her show was going to be an example of a zonker! Shame on you and all the other sharks like you!

    1. Lynn- if you don’t make a profit, you are not extremely successful. She made her own bed by being dishonest and careless with other people’s money. She took her mother’s money, could not explain hundreds of thousands of missing money, and acted like she was perfectly happy to take and squander Marcus’s money while acting surprised or insulted that he would want to do his due diligence. She didn’t need any help making herself look like a crook.

  15. I never miss a single show of the Profit. I just watched the second chance for the popcorn company. He is extremely savvy in business, and made a great deal. But I wouldn’t trust her.

  16. It’s obvious that this woman had no integrity whatsoever. I believe one of the previous posters when they said they thought she was probably hiding money in a safe at her house. You don’t just lose or misplace nearly $400,000, people. I’d run like Hell and not ever do business with this woman. She’s a shyster in the truest sense of the word.

  17. She is a snake….did they ever find the $400K? Did her mother lose her home ?(the snake seemed unconcerned).I don’t understand how a guy who is a brilliant businessman gets involved with people like this. A few crocodile tears, and he forgets all about how they just treated him. I cannot count how many times I sat and threw sneakers at the TV screen, yelling “NO!! Do not give this creep a check!! Can’t you see how oily/ sleazey/dishonest/ arrogant/ dumb they are???NO do NOT hand them that check!” but Marcus never listened to me. Since he is not on the unemployment line, and not driving a Kia, I guess he managed to survive

  18. So everyone is surprised of why did Marcus go back to her, well I think the reason the woman lost the contract is because Marcus had/has connections to destroy the contract at desiney and now he has a connection again to bring back the contract …he’s a billionaire after all… if he says jump you should ask how high

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